Post-Tropical Storm Odette on September 18, 2021 over the North Atlantic may reform as a tropical cyclone as it moves south over warmer water in the next five days. NOAA GOES East Satellite Image.

Short-Lived TS Odette has a Chance of Redevelopment

Tropical Storm Odette developed out of an area of low pressure about 150 miles east of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, on Friday, September 17. In the 8:00 AM Tropical Weather Outlook by the National Hurricane Center, the elongated area of low pressure had thunderstorm activity displaced from the center. Forecasters gave the area a 70 percent chance of formation into a depression or tropical storm through the following five days. By 2:00 PM, the system had organized with circulation and strong winds. Tropical Storm Odette became the fifteenth named storm of the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Odette had a limited future as it headed northeast into colder waters with an expected transition to a post-tropical cyclone on Saturday. The transition was completed by the 2:00 PM outlook on Saturday. Post-Tropical Cyclone Odette, about 300 miles southeast of Massachusetts, was forecast to interact with a non-tropical low-pressure system. The NHC removed Odette from the forecast in the 8:00 PM tropical weather outlook. However, the remnants of Odette were strengthening as a gale force low east of Nova Scotia and by Sunday, September 19, the NHC added the system back into the outlook with a low chance of formation through the next five days as it moves south over warmer water.

2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast

The NHC forecasts tropical Storm Peter to move north into the east-central Atlantic, and Depression Seventeen is also moving north to the central Atlantic. Conditions over the central Atlantic include wind shear which limits strengthening and organization. It doesn’t appear that Odette has much chance of reforming. Depression Seventeen and Tropical Storm Peter probably have a limited future.

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Atlantic Ocean Tropical Weather Outlook for September 19, 2021. National Hurricane Center Graphic.

Tropical Storm Peter and Tropical Depression Seventeen

While Odette transitioned to a post tropical cyclone on Saturday, another system located east of the Leeward Islands was showing signs of organization. The 8:00 PM outlook included Depression Sixteen, the same outlook following when the last advisory on Tropical Storm Odette. The depression continued to strengthen and the 5:00 AM AST (Atlantic Standard Time) advisory added Tropical Storm Peter to the list of named storms for 2021. The Tropical Weather Outlook on Saturday limited additional strengthening because of vertical wind shear. They advised Leeward Island interests to monitor the storm. The five-day outlook for Peter takes it south of Bermuda, but the advisory warns of an average error of 150 nautical miles in the five-day forecast for Peter.

The 8:00 PM EDT outlook included the low-pressure system in the eastern tropical Atlantic located south of the Cabo Verde Islands with a 70 percent chance of further development. Tropical Depression Seventeen formed. Advisory 1 was issued at 8:00 AM Cape Verde Time on Sunday, September 19.