1. Severe Weather and Natural Disasters 2. Motor Vehicle Accidents 3. Distribution Equipment Failure 4. Fallen Trees 5. Wildlife 6. High Energy Demand 7. Construction Work Line Damage 8. Accidental Damage by People 9. Planner Power Outages (PSPS) 10. Cyberattacks

· Have you gone more than 8 hours without power? · Do you live in a remote area with frequent outages? · Has your food ever spoiled during an outage? · How often do outages leave you without heating or cooling?

Power Outages are out of your control due to weather, the aging power grid, and acts of nature.

‣ A standby generator restores electrical power seconds after an outage hits.  ‣ Norwall has models to fit any need.  ‣ Keep the power on through outages short and long.

· Since 1950, U.S electricity demand increased from 300mWh to 4200mWh. · Power outage frequency and duration increased more than 125% · Our poorly maintained power grid built in the 1950s - 1970s continues to deteriorate · States have begun to implement Public Safety Power Shutoffs

The generator system includes an automatic transfer switch and power management. The generator sits outside your home or business and the transfer switch installs near the main circuit breaker panel, and in some cases replaces it entirely. Power management equipment installs near the transfer switch.

Peace of Mind  All the Time

· Starts Automatically if the Power Fails · See the Status Anywhere in the World · Keeps You Informed on Outages · Generator Let's You know it is Running · Tells You When the  Generator Needs Maintenance · Setup a Service Contract and Never Worry

Whole House Coverage

   Powers the Whole House or Business ‣ Everything works, all the time ‣ Sizes to fit any home, small to large ‣ Small and large business operations ‣ Run HVAC- Pool Heater  Water Heater         Office Equipment - Refrigeration

    Managed Power for 240V Appliances  ‣ Power an entire house or business ‣ Assign priorities to 240V Appliances ‣ Managed loads operate in priority order ‣ Ideal for medium to large homes ‣ Everything gets power according to    assigned priority

Whole House Managed Coverage

     Large 240V Appliances Share Power ‣ Power an entire house or business ‣ Assign priorities to 240V Appliances ‣ Managed loads operate in a    prioritized order sequence ‣ Ideal for medium to large homes ‣ Everything gets power according to    assigned priority

Essential Circuits Coverage

Coverage Options

Prices Vary by the Coverage Required

Power Entire Homes or Businesses Runs Multiple Heavy Loads Together

Managed Whole House Power

Power Entire Homes or Businesses Heavy Loads Allow to Run by Priority

Important Circuits Get Power Refrigerator - Sump Pump - HVAC - Lights

‣ Security for Your family  ‣ Comfortable in all types of weather ‣ Always have Heat or Air Conditioning ‣ Food stays safe in the refrigerator ‣ Sump pump keeps the basement dry ‣ Well pump supplies power ‣Medical equipment works. ‣ Get status from anywhere in the world

Cost Effective Power for Most Homes 7.5kW to 26kW  Full Range of Coverage Options More Fuel Efficient than Liquid Cooled Smaller Footprint - Lower Cost Install Meets the Needs of Most Families

Highest Capacity 15kW to 150kW  Large or Luxury Homes Estates Medium to Large Businesses Most Reliable for Hot Climates 

Norwall PowerSystems 

Personalized Consultations to Pick the Best Generator for Your Home and Family

Top of the Line Generator Packages with Automatic Transfer Switch

Free Shipping on Most Orders Within Continental United States

Limited 5-10 Year Manufacturer's Warranty On All Standby Generator Systems