How to Prepare For a Power Outage

Norwall PowerSystems

8+ Hours—The Average Power Outage Length

Outage Frequency and Duration are Increasing

Outages Strike at Any Time from Severe Weather—Disasters Car Accidents Public Safety Power Shutoffs and More

Power Outages Affect Family and Home Safety

Refrigeration Heating and Cooling Medical Equipment Water and Sump Pumps Everyday Home Essentials

Outage Hacks

Easily Accessible Supplies

Flashlights + Extra Batteries

Stored Water—Nonperishable Food

Utility Website & Phone Number

Outage Preparedness


Charged Phone Battery


Outage Hacks for Everyone

Freeze Gallon Water Bottles—Keeps Freezer Cold Longer.

Buy UPS backups for medical equipment, internet router, weather radio. They also charge cells phones and batteries.

If ice cream in the freezer has melted and refrozen, the freezer was too warm. Throw the food out.

Outage Preparedness


Keep the Fridge Closed. 

Standby Generator

Backup Power Options

Standby Generator

Solar Generator with Battery

Battery Storage + Solar

Outage Preparedness


Portable Generator

TD-1M Circular Saw

Home Standby Generator: A permanent appliances that runs on NG or LP like a furnace Power goes out—the generator starts & restores power in seconds

Standby Generator

TD-1M Circular Saw

Portables are less expensive—Not automatic—Require setup for each use An electrician installs a transfer switch for furnace & air conditioning.

Portable Generator

TD-1M Circular Saw

Whole House battery storage + solar power reduces reliance on the grid. Solar panels power the house and charge batteries. The house runs on batteries at night.

Battery + Solar

TD-1M Circular Saw

Apartments & condo option. A battery charges from an outlet or portable solar panels.   Good for small appliances, lights, and electronics. Battery size limits available energy.

Battery Pack

Outages happen without warning. When important parts of the grid fail, restoration could take days or even weeks.

FEMA Recommends Backup Power

Be a Power Expert

Disaster Preparedness

Generator Sizing

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Best Brands and Generators

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