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Use our education center provided to gain knowledge and become a well educated consumer. We have all the tools you need on our site to get your level of knowledge to the point of purchase - with CONFIDENCE!

Emergency Preparedness Generator Tips News
A Generac Standby Generator Installed at a Gas Station

Hurricane Force Winds Knock Out Power in Northeast Illinois

65,000 Households and Numerous Businesses Lose Power After Sustained 70 MPH Winds Tuesday, September 25 began with a National Weather Service alert regarding an elevated risk of thunderstorms. Early in … Continue reading

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Emergency Preparedness Information News Portable Generators
A Generac GP 5500-Watt Portable Supplying Emergency Power During an Outage Following a Storm

Generac Portable Generator Starts Easy—Runs Strong after 20 Years

A Y2K Just-In-Case Purchase Becomes the Go-To Tool for Power Outages and Portable Electric Power Everyone has either heard a story like this or has one of their own to … Continue reading

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Generator Information Generator Tips News
Home at night powered by a Briggs & Stratton Standby Generator

Portable Generator vs Home Standby Generator – What You Should Know

Choosing a Home Generator for Backup Power Requires More than Cost Comparison. A portable generator to home standby generator comparison is almost like comparing a moped to a motorcycle. The … Continue reading

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Generator Information Generator Tips Standby Generators
Generac Guardian

Concrete Pads – The Base for Standby Generator Installations

Installers Use Pre-Cast, Made-On Site, Custom Pedestal, or Compacted Soil Generator Pads Every Home Standby Generator Installation is different. Access to utilities, ground and soil conditions, and even the prevailing … Continue reading

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Information News Portable Generators Standby Generators
United States Flags fly along the Parade Route

Labor Day and End of Summer Picnics Camping and Family Fun

A Day of Labor has a Long History in the Great American Tradition The first Monday in September is celebrated as Labor Day. It’s a bank and federal holiday meaning … Continue reading

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News Portable Generators
Fireworks Display

Celebrate Independence Day Safely on July 4

On July 2, 1776, the thirteen colonies in the New World declared themselves independent of the British Empire and rejected governance by the British Parliament. The colonies each formed a … Continue reading

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Norwall PowerSystems