Kohler Power Systems is offering rebate incentives to new purchasers and existing owners of their standby generators. The Kohler air-cooled standby generators offered by Norwall Power Systems qualify for the program and combine with Norwall’s already low pricing for even greater savings. All 20RESAL, 20RESA, 14RESAL, and 8.5RES model generator packages qualify for the program.

New Customers Save 150 Dollars

Kohler's standby generator rebate program - Download

Get 150 Dollars off on the purchase of a new Kohler Standby Generator

If you’re shopping for a new standby generator, now is the time to buy. From August 1 to September 30, buyers of new Kohler standby generators are eligible to receive a 150 dollar rebate. Purchase a qualified generator package during the rebate period, fill out the rebate form, and include a copy of your invoice or receipt. Email or mail the form to Kohler by October 15, 2013 to receive a 150 dollar check in the mail.

Refer Friends and Family

Kohler's 75 dollar rebate program

Refer friends and family and you both receive a 75 dollar rebate

If you already own a Kohler standby generator system, you can still cash in on the savings. Refer a friend or family member and when they buy a Kohler standby system, you’ll receive a 75 dollar rebate and so will they. This offer is good on generators purchased between June 24 and December 31, 2013. Both parties must fill out the rebate form. The original purchaser (the one who refers a friend) includes a copy of their receipt from any date, and the referred friend or family member includes their receipt copy which must be dated within the rebate period. All rebates must be postmarked or emailed by January 15, 2014.

Security and Peace of Mind

A standby generator package from Kohler Power Systems protects your family and your property from both long- and short-term power outages by supplying refrigerators, furnaces, air conditioners, and sump pumps with electrical power along with the rest of your home. Standby generators connect to your home with an automatic transfer switch which isolates the generator from the utility company.

Automatic Home Standby Generator

Kohler Automatic Home Standby Generator

When a power outage occurs, the systems detects the outage immediately and starts the generator. Within moments (usually about ten seconds), the generator begins supplying power to your home to keep you and your family safe and comfortable.

Trying to deal with fuel storage concerns and a supply of fuel becomes a thing of the past. Kohler standby generators operate off your home’s existing natural gas or LP gas supply. No need to run out in the middle of a storm to hook up a portable generator or add fuel in the middle of the night. Standby generators run for days with little attention and can supply power during extended outages that last weeks.

Kohler Standby Generators

Kohler manufacturers their standby generators to act as a backup for commercial utility power. These generators deliver backup electricity suitable for sensitive electronics and most other residential loads with electrical power that meets or exceeds electric utility standards.

Norwall Power Systems offers Kohler standby generators from 8.5 to 20 kilowatts, suitable for most residential homes with backup power. Kohler backs up their standby generators with a 5-year, 2000-hour limited consumer warranty for long lasting peace of mind and the confidence that your standby generator system will be ready when the next power outage leaves your neighborhood in the dark.