Limited Time Offer–Generac Extended Warranty Adds Parts–Labor–Travel for 10 Years

Free Generac 10-Year Extended Warranty Limited Time Offer $995 Value. Offer Valid January 20, to March 20, 2020. Includes 10kW to 22kW Guardian Standby Generators.
Generac Extended Warranty Promotional Offer Valid from January 20, 2020 to March 1, 2020.

Update for January 20, 2020 to March1, 2020. This offer is now valid for purchases made from January 20, 2020 until March 1, 2020. You must activate the new Standby Generator AND complete the Generac 10-Year Warranty Online Submission Process no later than April 15, 2020. The new offer is valid for 10kW to 22kW Generac Guardian Home Standby Generators* Purchased from Norwall during the promotional period and activated before April 15. Includes only the following models: 7031, 7037, 7038, 7039, 7042, 7043, 7171, 7172, 7173, 7174, 7175, 7176, 7177 and 7178.


The Generac Home Standby National Promotion begins May 13, 2019 and ends June 23, 2019. Generac Guardian 11kW to 22kW Home Standby Generators purchased during the promotional period receive a free upgrade to a Generac 10-Year Extended Warranty—a $995 value. The extended limited warranty upgrade covers parts, labor, and travel for a full ten years from the date of installation. Generac usually includes a standard 5-year limited warranty.

Generac Guardian Standby Generators Provide an Automatic Backup solution to power outages. Once installed, they connect permanently to the home’s electrical system through the transfer switch. The microprocessor-based controller monitors the utility power and begins a start sequence the moment utility power is lost. In less than a minute, the generator starts automatically, isolates the utility lines to protect the home, generator, and utility workers, and begins supplying power from the generator.

A Correctly Sized Generac Guardian can supply your entire home with power, including multiple air conditioners, electric hot water heaters, well pumps, refrigerators and freezers, plus lights and all conveniences. Another option allows homeowners to Power the Most Essential Circuits during an outage.

Buyer Guide: What Size Generator Do I Need?

Generac 10-Year Extended Warranty Eligibility

Greg and Ellen L. invested in a Generac Guardian after a 5-Day outage. Now they always have Power. Greg and Ellen with their daughter.
With a Generac Guardian Generator, You’ll Always have Power like Greg and Ellen L.

All 11-Kilowatt, 16-Kilowatt, 20-Kilowatt, and 22-Kilowatt Guardian Standby Generators offered by Norwall are eligible for the Free 10-Year Extended Warranty. Included are models sold with and without an Automatic Transfer Switch. Norwall stocks 1000s of Generac Guardian Generators for immediate shipment and typically ships within 1-2 days.

Eligibility requires purchase during the promotional period from May 13 through June 23, 2019 and activation by August 7, 2019. Homeowners must fill out and return the Generac 10-Year Extended Warranty Promotion Redemption Form and return it online or by mail no later than August 7, 2019 along with a copy of the sales receipt or contract showing date of purchase.

The Norwall Online Generac Catalog highlights the eligible models.

Generac Guardian Features and Benefits

Generac Guardian Standby Generators

Generac Guardian Series Generator Installed in Back Yard Near House and Deck
Generac Guardian Series—Limited Time Offer Free Generac 10-Year Extended Warranty

Nationwide Best Selling 70432 Guardian 22-Kilowatt with 200-Amp ATS leads the list of generators eligible for a free Generac 10-Year Extended Warranty. The 22kW is the most fuel efficient, provides more power for every dollar spent, and is the most popular standby generator sold in America. It includes all the usual Generac Guardian Features and Benefits including Mobile Link and Lower Installation Costs.

Also Popular, the 7178 Guardian 16-Kilowatt with 200-Amp ATS and the 7175 Guardian 13-Kilowatt with 200-Amp ATS. These Standby Generator plus ATS systems provide whole house power using Generac Power Management and can manage multiple air conditioners and furnaces to keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The promotion also includes the 70391 Guardian 20-Kilowatt with 200-Amp ATS.

To power up to 16 pre-selected circuits, including an air conditioner and furnace or other 240-volt appliances, choose an 13-Kilowatt 7174 or a 16-Kilowatt 7177 with a 100-Amp Load Center ATS.

Homeowners with an existing standby generator system and compatible automatic transfer switch can upgrade with a Generac Guardian Generator sold without an ATS. See the Generac Power Systems Page for 11kW to 22kW Generator Only Models.

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