Hurricane Hanna near landfall on the south Texas coast. Tropical Storm Gonzalo in the Caribbean about to impact Trinidad, and the Tropical Wave that could develop into the next Hurricane off the coast of Africa and the Cabo Verde Islands.
NOAA GOES East Satellite Image

Hurricane Warnings—Tropical Storm Warnings Issued for Texas Coast

Doppler radar and a hurricane hunter aircraft that investigated the storm Friday night found that Tropical Storm Hanna has intensified to hurricane strength on its way to Texas. Hanna grew rapidly over the warm Gulf of Mexico amid good conditions for tropical development. In their 10:42 AM CDT Advisory, the National Hurricane Center reported Hanna had 80 MPH winds as it moved west at 6 MPH. Hanna should make landfall later this afternoon or early evening.

Hurricane Hanna is the first hurricane to hit the south Texas coast since Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Police began moving people off beaches and the Corpus Christi fire department prepared for swift-water rescues. Residents filled sandbags.

Governor Abbot issued a statement for all Texans in the storm’s path to take precautionary measures to protect life and property

 Remember These Tips When a Hurricane Threatens

Warnings, Watches, and Impacts

The NHC issued a hurricane warning from Port Mansfield to Mesquite Bay along the Texas coastline. Tropical storm warnings continue from Barra el Mezquital, Mexico to Port Mansfield, Texas, and from Mesquite Bay to High Island, Texas. Hurricane conditions are expected this afternoon in the warning area. Tropical Storm conditions have already begun. Residents and businesses in the warning areas should monitor the storm through their local national weather service.

Know Your Risks and Plan Accordingly

Port Mansfield to Sargent, Texas should expect Storm Surge and a warning was issued for a surge of 1 to 5 feet, depending on the location and whether the surge occurs at the time of the high tide.

Tropical-Storm-force winds extend 90 miles from the center of the storm. Hanna will continue to strengthen before it makes landfall.

Top 10 Tips to Survive a Hurricane Disaster


Up to 18 inches of rain could fall through Sunday in south Texas and Mexico resulting in life-threatening flash flooding. Rapid rise in river and stream levels is expected, with some moderate river flooding possible.


Hurricanes and Tornadoes are both cyclonic. Hurricanes often spawn tornadoes as the storm nears land and then makes landfall. Most are short-lived but cause serious damage and threaten lives and property. Shelter in an interior room away from any windows. Stay tuned to local weather and monitor ongoing reports.

Power Outages

Hurricanes damage and sometimes destroy local power distribution grids. Outages may last days before utility crews can restore power. Prepare for outages with supplies of batteries and backup power—preferably in the form of a standby generator. Standby Generators start automatically in any weather, even at the height of a hurricane. Portable Generators are not automatic, and someone must to set them up in advance. Most should not be run in the rain or high wind.

NHC Tropical Outlook for the Atlantic Basin on July 25, 2020

TS Gonzalo

Tropical Storm Gonzalo continues to churn on toward the Windward islands and at 11:00 AM AST was approximately 20 miles east of Trinidad with 40 MPH winds. Continued weakening is expected as it interacts with land and wind shear amid dry, dusty air. However, Gonzalo is producing heavy rain which could lead to Flash Flooding.

The NHC Forecast for Gonzalo extends the storm’s path just 24 hours. Accuweather shows the depression making landfall in northern Nicaragua on Wednesday morning.

FEMA Recommends a Backup Generator for Disaster Preparedness

Atlantic Tropical Wave

A third system off the coast of Africa has a 60 percent chance of development over the coming five days. If this system develops into tropical storm, forecasters will name it Isaias. It may follow a similar path as Gonzalo or take a more northerly track and avoid the hot, dusty air and wind shear currently affecting Tropical Storm Gonzalo.