Quiet Connect Home Backup and Power Quiet Connect for Home and Business

Home Backyard With Lights During a Power Outage

Cummins Quiet Connect Home Standby Generator

The Air-Cooled Cummins Quiet Connect Home Generators Run Automatically During Power Outages

Cummins Power Generation Quiet Connect Air-Cooled Home Backup Generators include four models: The 20-kilowatt RS20A, 17-kilowatt RS17A, and 13-kilowatt RS13A plus the 20-kilowatt RS20AC which includes an automatic transfer switch. The Liquid-Cooled Power Quiet Connect Standby Generators range in capacity from 22 to 150 kilowatts with three-phase configurations available on some models.

Quiet Connect Home Standby Generators and Power Quiet Connect Standby Generators start and run automatically within moments after a power outage occurs. The system detects the outage and starts the generator. After it reaches operating speed, the generator controller signals the automatic transfer switch to move the home off the utility power lines and onto generator power—all within a few seconds.

Cummins Power Generation is a global supplier of Cummins Home Backup Generators and Cummins Standby Generator products. Employing power management, air-cooled Quiet Connect Home Standby Generators can start and run multiple central air conditioners and fit the needs of most residential homeowners. The liquid-cooled Power Connect Standby Generators power larger homes, manufacturing facilities, retail operations, and other commercial buildings.

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Air-Cooled Standby

Cummins Quiet Connect Standby Generator In a Home's Backyard with Deck and Family

The Cummins Quiet Connect Home Standby Generator—Designed for Family Homes and Yards

Cummins Engineers the Quiet Connect Standby Generators for home use where they fit into neighborhood landscapes. At normal load conditions, the 65dB(A) noise level compares to the average 3-Ton central air conditioner. It won’t bother the neighbors or keep you up at night. Automatic Transfer Switch options include 100-Amp or 200-Amp Service Entrance models to supply the entire hour, or a 100-amp Load Center model for a specific set of circuits.

Intelligent Load Management measures and stores the load requirements of central air conditioners and other 240-volt loads, then actively manages them by only allowing each of the high wattage loads to run when the generator has the capacity to do it. After one load finishes, the generator allows the next managed load to run. The generator can manage up to four independent loads, including multiple air conditioners.

Cummins designed the Quiet Connect to operate in cold weather down to zero degrees Fahrenheit out of the box, and cold weather accessories allow reliable starts when the temperature dips well below zero. Design considerations also include compliance with the National Fire Protection Association for 18-inch generator-to-home installation, saving landscape space while ensuring safe operation.

20-Kilowatt RS20AC with 200-Amp ATS

13-Kilowatt RS13A 17-Kilowatt RS17A 20-Kilowatt RS20A

Quiet Connect Home Backup Generators run on either propane or natural gas to produce clean, distortion-free power compatible with the most sensitive electronics and delivering powerful motor starting ability. Quiet Connect generators will start and run a 5-Ton A/C under a full pre-load. Remote monitoring built into every generator allows the homeowner to monitor, change exercise modes, and manually run the generator from any computer, laptop, or smartphone.

Cummins Quiet Connect Features and Benefits

Cummins Power Quiet Connect Standby Generators

Power Quiet Connect Standby Generator

22-Kilowatt Cummins Power Quiet Connect for Home or Commercial Applications

Cummins Liquid-Cooled Power Connect Standby Generators offer greater reliability for emergency backup power as residential or commercial generators. Automotive-style engines pump coolant through the engine and cool it with a fan and radiator. Liquid Cooling makes large generators possible and reduces overheating in hot, desert-like climates. Generator capacity ranges from 22-Kilowatts to 150-Kilowatts in single phase 120/240-Volt and three-phase configurations with 120/240, 120/208, 277/480 volt options.

An advanced, specially designed enclosure makes the Cummins Power Connect among the quietest generators in their class. The aluminum cabinet has a durable powder coat for the best anti-corrosion properties. This intelligently designed enclosure withstands wind loads up to 180 MPH for operation through virtually any weather while including removable panels and doors for easy servicing and maintenance.

Tested to operate under extreme environmental conditions, Cummins Power Quiet Connect Generators start and runs in cold weather down to -40o F. It meets EPA emissions standards, UL Safety standards, and International Building Code Seismic standards. With the correct accessories, it can also meet NFPA 110 requirements for Emergency Power Systems.

Self-diagnostics, a design that ensures easy maintenance, and a flexible exercise mode that requires as little as two minutes of exercise time every six months, the Cummins Power Quiet Connect Standby Generators set the standards in performance with clean, reliable backup power suitable in any home or commercial application.

Cummins Power Quiet Connect Standby Generators