Incredible Deal on Qualified Generac Home Backup Generators at Norwall PowerSystems

Generac Guardian Free 10-Year Extended Warranty

Buy Any 11kW to 22kW Generac Guardian Home Backup Generator and Receive a FREE 10-Year Extended Warranty

Receive a FREE 10-Year Extended Warranty on select Generac Home Backup Generators at Norwall PowerSystems when you purchase between July 9 and August 26, 2018, and activate by October tenth. The offer is limited to specific Guardian Generator Models. Qualifying for this offer is easy. Purchase one of the included generator models during the promotional period, then have it installed and activated before the deadline and submit the redemption form.

The 10-year extended warranty on your new Generac Home Standby Generator covers parts*, labor, and travel for ten years. That’s a $995 value you won’t get from other generator manufacturers.

Generac Guardian Features and Benefits

Guardian Home Backup Generators

Guardian 20kW Home Backup Generator

Guardian Home Backup Generator

Never worry about the power going out ever again. The moment a power outage occurs, your Generac Guardian starts automatically. Seconds later it signals the automatic transfer switch to disconnect the utility lines and supply power to your home from the generator. Forget about storing fuel for a portable generator or running extension cords in the rain. The standby generator is permanently installed and runs on natural gas or propane.

Generac Power Systems designs and builds their generators in the Midwest. Nearby, their customer service center is ready and waiting to answer questions 24/7. Reliability and longevity made Generac Guardian the leading home backup generator in the United States, trusted by more homeowners than any other generator. At the heart of this reliability is a purpose-built engine designed specifically to meet the demands of a standby generator.

Industrial overhead valve engines, state of the art microprocessor controllers, and automatic transfer switches matched to your needs all come together to make a superior product that is easier and faster to install and saves you money. Whether you’re at home or work, or even on vacation, Generac Guardian Generators work through power outages that last a few hours, days or extend into weeks after a disaster.

Installation Guide: Home Standby Generator for Emergency Power

Guardian Home Generators in Stock

Generac Home Standby Generator model 7032 supplying power during an outage.

A Generac Home Generator Keeps the Power On During an Outage

Norwall usually ships from stock within 1 – 2 days from our warehouses located across the country. We offer free lift-gate service, free shipping, and don’t charge sales tax on orders outside Arizona. The Free 10-Year Extended Warranty offer includes all Generac Guardian Home Backup Generators from 11 kilowatts to 22 kilowatts. Certified for 18-inch installation, they run quietly on natural gas or propane and produce just 63dB to 67dB of noise.

At 22 kilowatts, the Guardian 70432 is the largest and most powerful air-cooled generator on the market. It comes bundled with a 200-Amp automatic transfer switch and composite mounting pad that eliminates the need for a gravel bed.

Also available with the 200-Amp ATS are the 20-kilowatt 70391, the 16-kilowatt 70371 and 13-kilowatt 7175. Other models come with a 100-Amp Load Center ATS or choose just the generator to replace an existing unit.

Buyer Guide: What Size Generator Do I Need?

A Generac Guardian Home Backup Generator provides peace of mind. Your home and family stay safe and comfortable during a power outage in any weather including hurricanes, for however long the power stays off. Call Norwall PowerSystems today and learn how a Guardian Home Backup Generator can keep your family and your home safe.

*Engines and Automatic Transfer Switches covered under separate OEM Warranty.