Briggs and Stratton Home Backup Generators at Norwall

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Briggs and Stratton Standby Generators

Briggs and Stratton Generator Powers a Home

Briggs and Stratton Home Backup Generators

Briggs and Stratton backs up their standby generators with more than 100 years of power expertise, and their engines are found in four out of five homes across the country. They’ve earned the trust of professionals around the world and provide world-class support through thousands of dealers.

Standby generators from Briggs and Stratton monitor the power continuously and detect outages instantly. The generator engine starts and comes up to speed in a few seconds, then the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) disconnects the utility power lines and begins supplying power from the standby generator. Power to the home or business is restored within seconds—automatically. While connected, the generator continues to monitor the utility power lines. After the utility restores power, the ATS disconnects the generator and reconnects the utility lines. After a short cool-down period, the generator turns itself off to wait for the next power outage.

Homeowners can stop worrying that the sump pump won’t run or food in the refrigerator will spoil. The air conditioning works, and so does the furnace, lights, and other necessities and conveniences. At work, keep your doors open and your business operating throughout the outage. A Briggs and Stratton backup generator can run for a few hours or even weeks during extended outages.

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Air-Cooled Home Backup Generators

Briggs and Stratton Home Backup Generator

Briggs and Stratton Home Backup Generators Keep the Power On Through All Types of Weather

Powered by the widely popular commercial-grade Vanguard engines, Briggs and Stratton air-cooled home backup generators operate in all types of weather from hurricanes to rainstorms, through snow and ice, and they keep running until the power company fixes the outage. They can run on either Natural Gas and LP Gas with a single, simple step performed during installation.

Coupled with a Briggs and Stratton ATS with Symphony II Power Management, your air-cooled standby generator can operate multiple air conditioners and other appliances, including electric dryers, water heaters, and electric ranges. Safely power all your electronics with clean, quality power that meets or exceeds utility standards. Models up to 20 kilowatts supply a small, medium, or large-sized home with electrical power.

Briggs and Stratton includes their industry leading 5-5-5 Warranty on Parts, Labor, and Travel. They provide customer support through their US-based Answer Care Representatives.

Briggs and Stratton Air-Cooled Standby Features and Benefits

Liquid -Cooled Backup Generators

Home on Briggs and Stratton Commercial Backup Generator

Commercial Liquid Cooled Generators Have the Power Needed by Large, Luxury Homes and Businesses

Homes and Businesses in environments where daily temperatures frequently exceed 100 degrees will benefit from a Briggs and Stratton Liquid-Cooled
Generator. With engines similar to automobiles and cooled by a radiator and circulating coolant, they won’t overheat and shut down.

Commercial Standby Generator Models up to 60 kilowatts can supply most business needs. For large luxury homes, they keep all the conveniences operating including swimming pools, entertainment systems, and multi-stage air conditioners. In commercial applications, they meet NFPA 110 with the required accessories and installation methods.

Briggs and Stratton Commercial Standby Generators operate on either natural gas or propane (selectable at installation) using a premium industrial engine. Oil warmers ensure fast starts in freezing weather. Corrosion resistant enclosures are built to last with convenient swing open doors for easy access and service. Briggs and Stratton Liquid Cooled Generators are backed by a 4-Year Parts, Labor, and Travel Warranty.

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