Hurricane Season Preparedness with a Kohler Standby Generator

A Kolher Liquid Cooled Standby Generator Installed at a Home

2018’s record-breaking Atlantic Hurricane Season saw a total of nine storms affect the United States. The tropical cyclones wreaked havoc on local electric utility grids and left millions without power. Outages stretched into weeks as repair crews struggled to rebuild distribution networks and restore power. As coastal residents prepare for the next storm to make landfall in their area, Norwall PowerSystems has the best advertised price on all Kohler Standby Generators up to 150 kilowatts, including the very quiet and reliable liquid-cooled models for large homes and commercial standby applications.

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A Kohler Liquid Cooled Backup Generator Installed at an Office Building

A Kohler Liquid Cooled Standby Generator Keeps Businesses Open and Operating

While some homeowners rely on portable generators, they are generally unsuited to the extended power outages that often follow a hurricane or tropical storm. Standby generators work automatically, don’t need refueling every few hours, and can run in any weather. Portables need protection from rain and storms. Someone must connect them to the house, then keep them fueled. Power outages affect the availability of gasoline, and we’ve all seen or experienced the long lines at gas stations following a hurricane.

Liquid-cooled backup generators have an engine similar to a car. A pump circulates coolant through the engine and radiator while a fan removes heat. It works as well in a generator as it does in a car. Kohler commercial liquid-cooled generators power homes as they well as small businesses. When the power goes out, they keep your doors open for business and your home safe and comfortable. Important features include very quiet operation, efficient cooling in virtually any climate, and the ability to handle the electrical load of a large, luxury home or moderately sized business application.

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Kohler air-cooled models are less expensive and better suited for small to medium-sized homes. They utilize a fan to blow air over the engine. This cooling method limits the size of the generator to 20 kilowatts or less. The most common application for a Kohler air-cooled backup generator is a residential home with one or two air-conditioners. With power management built into the automatic transfer switch, they can manage multiple air conditioners and other high voltage loads.

Kohler Backup Generators for homes and businesses can run on either natural gas (NG) or Propane (LPG)

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Kohler Backup Generators for Homes and Businesses

Kohler Liquid Cooled Standby Generator

Kohler Liquid-Cooled Backup Generator

When a power outage lasts more than few hours, the lack of electricity begins to affect our homes. Immediate effects may include flooded basements, spoiled refrigerator and freezer food, and lack of comfortable living space—sweltering heat in the summer or below freezing temperatures in the winter.

Kohler Standby generators eliminate the problems caused by a power outage, day or night, away on vacation or work, at home or across town 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your Kohler standby generator immediately detects a power outage. In just a few seconds, the generator starts and reaches operating speed. The automatic transfer switch isolates the house or business from the utility lines and connects it to generator power. Within seconds, the generator has restored electricity to all your essential appliances and circuits, and all your conveniences too.

It senses the return of utility power and reverses the process. First it isolates the generator and switches back to the utility lines, then it runs the generators in a cool-down mode for a few minutes, then shuts it down and resumes waiting for the next power outage.

You’ll never worry about a power outage again or wonder when the power will come back on.

Especially after a hurricane.