The Mobile Link IOS screen showing status lights and current mode with options.

Mobile Link on IOS

Generac has released a new free app for IOS and Android devices to make remote monitoring of standby generators easier than ever before. Paired with the optional Mobile Link remote cellular monitoring system, the app allows users to receive status updates from their standby generators on smartphones and tablets.

Previously, Mobile Link users were able to check generator status in real time by logging onto the website and viewing their dashboard. The new app keeps the homeowner informed automatically without opening their web browser.

Mobile Link

Mobile Link with Generac Guardian Standby Generator

Generac Guardian with Optional Mobile Link – Access your Generator Controller from anywhere

The Mobile Link accessory attaches to the outside of the standby generator and communicates with the cellular system via text message. Cellular service is required and one year of service is included in the package. Messages are relayed to the website where laptop, tablet, and smartphone users are able to access the generator’s controller remotely. The Mobile Link services will also send updates as text messages to four different cell phone numbers and up to four email addresses.

The Mobile Link system was first introduced in 2013 and is compatible with any Generac-manufactured air-cooled generators of 20 kilowatt or less that were manufactured in or after 2008. Liquid-cooled generators from 22 to 60 kilowatts from 2010 and later years are also compatible with the system, but require an extension cable.

During emergencies, the cellular phone system has proven more reliable than traditional landlines and landline-based Internet connections, making the Mobile Link system more reliable than other technologies that use telephone lines or Ethernet connections. Using a connection established by the Mobile Link accessory between the generator’s controller and the cellular text system, the controller sends and receives information as text messages. Installation is simple and it takes only a few minutes to attach the Mobile Link to the outside of the generator enclosure and connect it to the controller.

A new feature planned for 2014 will allow homeowners to send standby generator messages directly to their local dealer to ensure on-time maintenance and allow the dealer to spot problems before they occur.

The New App

IOS Mobile Link App showing Maintenance Alerts for filters, oil changes, spark plug changes.

Mobile Link App Maintenance Alerts

A large majority of smartphone users rely on their phones for information in real time including weather, traffic, and directions. The Mobile Link App provides real-time information on the status of the user’s standby generator including when it starts and runs, if it needs maintenance, or has shut down in the event of a problem, such as a low oil condition.

The new Mobile Link app is available for Android and IOS tablets and smart phones at the Amazon App Store, iTunes App Store, and Google Play. Generac showcased the new technology in February at the annual International Builder’s Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mobile Link at iTune App Store, Amazon App Store, Google Play.

Homeowners can still access their dashboards at via desktop or laptop computer, smartphone, or tablet, or receive email or text message notifications.