GP7500E 5943 Portable Generator by Generac Power Systems


Summer is just around the corner and many folks are planning summer activities that include family reunions and ballpark tailgate parties, to camping trips and festivals. And whether your outdoor fun is in the backyard or local park, or even in the remote wilderness, a portable generator can add a whole new level of possibilities.


Getting away from it all doesn’t have to mean roughing it. Everyone likes their coffee or tea in the morning, and having a few conveniences is always nice. A portable generator can provide plenty of power for a number of appliances that you might not want to do without.
The small iX series inverter generator.

Inverter Generators offer Quiet and Efficient Power for Camping or any Outdoor Event

Refrigeration is a good example. When it’s warm and you’re a long way from a supply of ice for the cooler, a small refrigerator can keep drinks cold and meat or produce fresh. Most small refrigerators will run on less than 100 watts of power. Looking for hot drinks instead of cold? A four-cup coffee maker requires just a few hundred watts. Lanterns are great sources of light, but a string or two of colored lights creates an ambiance that fits perfectly in a campground. Check out extra quiet and fuel-efficient inverter generators to bring power to your camp site.

Outdoor Gatherings

People at an outdoor event with coolers, tents, and shelters.

Bring the power along to your next outdoor gathering.

Summer is favorite time for picnics and reunions. Setting up at the local park under the shelter is a good idea in case it rains. Many park shelters have an outlet or two, but how much power they can handle is another story. Portable generators can supply power at picnics and other outings for a variety of uses including public address systems, karaoke machines, crock pots, and coffee makers. If the party continues after dark, plug in some party lights to illuminate some space for dancing. Unless your event is bigger than your average family picnic, a moderately sized portable unit will usually handle anything you can throw at it.

Tailgate Parties

People in team jerseys cooking out and partying at a tailgate party.

Tailgating at the Ballpark

There’s nothing quite like arriving at the ball park early and cooking food to share with family, friends, and even the folks wandering by to get a whiff of what’s on the grill. Compact and portable generators can power music systems, video, and even television in case you weren’t able to get tickets to the game. Relax and turn up the music without worrying about depleting the car battery. For more elaborate cookouts, the generator can power a spit to keep your favorite meat turning. Norwall carries a number of propane and gasoline portable generators for recreational use.

Festivals and Events

Generac's GP17500E portable generator has a running capacity of 17.5 kilowatts.

Generac GP17500E Portable Generator

Larger events need more power and Norwall Power Systems has the generator to keep your event running smooth. Farmers markets, outdoor craft fairs, church festivals, community events—they all require power to keep things going. The larger gasoline portables can provide from 8500 to 17,500 watts of power, equivalent to the power of five to ten, 15-amp circuits. Strategically placed, portable generators can supply power to a number of locations with the right cords while keeping the noise level at a minimum. At the same time, a central power source eliminates the need for a number of smaller generators scattered about.

Safe Use Guidelines

Portable generators use internal combustion engines to produce electrical power. The fuels burned always result in exhaust that contains carbon monoxide. Never operator a portable generator inside a tent, basement, garage, shed, home, or any other enclosed space. It takes only minutes for carbon monoxide levels to reach lethal levels. Always run generators outdoors, away from homes, tents, and sleeping spaces. Keep the machines away from windows, doors, and vents. Even a small opening can pull large amounts of exhaust into an enclosed space. Remember your neighbors, whether you’re camping, at home, or at the park. Position your generator where noise and exhaust won’t be a factor for them. When it’s time to refuel, shut the generator off for a few minutes and let it cool. Never attempt to fill the fuel tank while the generator is running or the motor is hot. While it’s off, check the oil and top that off too. Don’t let your summer fun be interrupted by tragedy. Use portable generators safely.