When the power goes out, most homeowners deal with the outage by calling the electric utility to report the outage and to hopefully learn when they can restore power. Meanwhile, the refrigerator begins to warm and the freezer starts to thaw. Homeowners with basements worry about flooding because the sump pump doesn’t work. These are the major issues. Anyone can light a few candles and play board games or charades for a few hours.

If it’s only an hour or two, usually the outage isn’t more than an inconvenience. When outages stretch into hours or days the problems multiply and become more serious. During heavy rainstorms, basement flooding becomes an issue in a hurry. After four hours, the safety of food in the refrigerator becomes questionable.

Generac Backup Home Generators alleviate not just the inconvenience of a power outage, they prevent the problems that occur from ever happening.

Automatic 24/7 Backup Power

Generac Guardian Generator Installed on Composite Base

Generac Backup Generators work automatically as permanently installed appliances that only operate when they are needed. When an outage occurs, they begin supplying power to your home within seconds. The generator senses the outage and starts itself. Seconds later it signals the automatic transfer switch to disconnect the utility lines and connect power from the generator.

Hours later or whenever the utility company gets around to restoring power, the Generac Backup Home Generator reconnects the home to the utility and shuts itself down. It all happens automatically—even when you’re not home.

You won’t ever worry about when the utility company will restore power or if the food in the fridge is going bad or if the food in the freezer will thaw. No more flooded basements or worrying about them.

Generac Backup Generators—Safe and Reliable

Generac Guardian Whole House Generator Installed Next to a House

Guardian Home Backup Generators are quiet and efficient.

When it comes to safety and reliability, you can’t beat a Generac Backup Generator for Home. The installation will meet all local building, fire, and National Electrical Codes which ensures safety. Electrical connections operate in conjunction with your circuit breaker panel to eliminate an entire list of hazards. Because it works with your panel, heating and air conditioning work along with the lights and other appliances—automatically.

It may even qualify you for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance. Ask your agent.

Installers place the generator to ensure that no exhaust fumes enter the home which virtually eliminates the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Anyone who ever stood in the rain during near-freezing temperatures trying to pull start a portable generator will appreciate the automatic startup of a Generac Backup Generator. You won’t even have to go outside in the rain or snow.

Operates in Any Weather

Palm Trees Bend in the Wind During a Hurricane

Even during a hurricane, Generac backup generators for homes start and run automatically.

Weather doesn’t bother Generac Backup Home Generators. They start and run in any kind of weather including hurricanes, windstorms, rainstorms, ice storms, and sleet. Even in the summer when an overloaded electrical grid succumbs to a heat wave. Your Generac Backup Generator will start and run no matter what the weather is like outside while you stay comfortable inside.

Portable Generators are great. You pull them out of the garage—never operate a portable indoors, in a garage, or in a shed—after the storm has passed and there’s no danger from wind or rain to short them out. Any danger from working with extension cords in the rain has passed. Hopefully, you can start it before the refrigerator is too warm, the freezer has thawed, or the basement has flooded.

One of the best aspects of owning a Generac Backup Home Generator—unlike a portable generator they don’t require constant refueling with gasoline.

Runs on Natural Gas or LP—No Refueling

Generac Protector Installed on Precast 4-Inch Concrete Pad

Generac Natural Gas or Propane Liquid Cooled Protector Series Backup Generator

Generators need fuel to run. Even mid-sized portables can use twenty gallons of gasoline in a single day and that is while running at half their rated load—equivalent to two, 15-amp household circuits. That covers your fridge, your freezer, and your sump pump with enough left over to turn on a light or two and charge your cell phone if the power is clean enough. Try buying gasoline when the power is out.

Note: Generac Protector Generators provide diesel-powered backup when gas isn’t an option.

Fuel isn’t much of a worry with a Generac Backup Generator. They run on natural gas from municipal gas lines or on LP (propane) gas from your home tank. On natural gas, the supply is virtually unlimited. Runtime on propane depends on the size of your tank, but it’s not unreasonable to expect at least a week or two of 24/7 operation. Plenty of time to outlast most long-term outages.


Mobile Link Cellular mounted on Generac Generator and Smartphone with Mobile Link App

Generac Guardian with Optional Mobile Link – Access your Generator from Anywhere.

Mobile Link is a free remote monitoring and access service for Generac Backup Home Generators. With Mobile Link, you can access your generator from anywhere in the world with a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or PC. Check status, set exercise periods, or schedule maintenance.

With Mobile Link, you’re always informed. Connect your generator to your local authorized dealer and your generator will alert the dealer to come out and perform maintenance. Mobile Link makes it easy and you’ll always know that your Generac home backup generator is ready for the next power outage.

The Mobile Link App for Generac Backup Generators runs on your smartphone or tablet, or you can access it via a website dashboard from any browser on your laptop or desktop computer.


Generac Protector Diesel Liquid Cooled Powering a ranch home and barn.

Larger Homes, Estates, and Farms Benefit from Liquid Cooled Generac Backup Generators

Good, clean power starts with a reliable engine. Generac Backup Generator G-Force engines are purpose-built and designed to handle the tough requirements of a generator. Homeowners can rely on their backup generator to run smoothly for days or even weeks if necessary through many times of harsh weather including high temperatures, sub-zero conditions, and other extreme operating conditions.

A smoothly running engine that maintains its speed under varying load conditions allows the generator to produce superior quality power with less than five percent total harmonic distortion. Consistent engine speed means the output frequency of the current doesn’t change, even during sudden increases in load while starting motors in air conditioners, furnace fans, sump pumps, and well pumps.

Fast, frequency-compensated voltage regulation maximizes motor starting ability—a standard feature on all Generac Backup Generator models. This state-of-the-art system provides digital voltage regulation within ± 1 percent.

Reduce Energy Costs with the PWRView Energy Monitoring System

The PWRview Home Energy Monitoring works with the PWRview Mobile App to provide real-time energy use—even when you’re not using the generator. With PWRview, the homeowner has the ability to see how their appliances and energy use habits affect their utility bill and enables changes to their home’s energy use. PWRview works with the Evolution Controller found in air-cooled Guardian and liquid-cooled Protector Series generators.


The Home of Generac Power Systems in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Generac Power Systems Headquarters in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Generac Backup Generators are engineered and built in the USA. Customer Service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every single day of the year in a facility not far from corporate headquarters in Wisconsin. Customer service agents are always available to answer questions and provide assistance no matter the problem.

A leading manufacturer of home standby generators since 1989, Generac surpassed one million home backup generators in 2013.

Generac. Reliable. Dependable. We promise. Count on Generac to keep your family and home safe through power outages all year long.