Just like selecting any other type of generator there are different units available of varying power and fuel types.  First, you must decide how much generator you need.  Make a list of what will be powered by the generator, and (if you know it) the wattage or amp requirement for each item.

Then figure out what fuel type you need.  You may want to select the same fuel type that you already carry on board your RV.  The choices available are gasoline, propane and diesel.  RV generators are designed to fit compactly inside the RV manufactures recommended compartment or designated area.  The host RV vehicle will supply the RV generator with the required fuel, battery and battery charging system.  Each RV generator is “hard wired” to the RV’s electrical system and designed especially to work with the RV’s electrical system.

Some of the features to look for would be low fuel consumption and high energy output.  Since an RV is designed to travel to remote locations where there isn’t any power available. It can be nice to have the ability to bring your own power supply with you.  Another nice feature is RV generators are designed for low noise output, great for those areas that have noise level restrictions, and because an RV generator is permanently installed in an RV, the maintenance access points are within easy reach.  No special tools or removal of the generator is required for maintenance work.

(Note: please be sure to check with the RV generator manufacture about the sound output level if you need to be within a certain noise level restriction, before you make a purchase)

RV generator manufactures offer remote start/stop options, so if your RV generator compartment is only accessible from the outside of the RV you don’t have to exit the RV to turn on the generator.  Some simple connections will allow you to have a start/stop panel inside the RV where you can get to it day or night.

Major manufactures, such as Generac, have a large network of servicing dealers.  It is a comfort to know you have warranty coverage for your new RV generator in your home away from home.