I cannot stress how important maintenance for your generator can be… especially if your generator has been in service. This 2009-2010 winter has presented several areas with some very long power outages. Every time your generator turns on and runs it will require some maintenance, even it is just checking the oil level and/or doing oil changes.

If your automatic generator goes into for more than 24 hours, you should look at the unit at least once a day. Check the oil level and check all the air vents to make sure they are free and clear of debris. Look at your control panel to see if there are any alerts that need attention. During the “off” season when you experience the least amount of outages it is a good time to contact a factory representative to check the unit internally. Most authorized dealers have a checklist of services they can perform and some dealers even offer maintenance contracts to service your generator on a regular basis. These services can include: Replace spark plugs and air cleaner, check the charging system and the radiator (for liquid cooled units only). A factory trained technician will also do valve clearance adjustments, check the voltage output and replace fuses as necessary.

Portable generators aren’t much different. Check the oil level regularly, oil changes, spark plugs, air cleaners, spark arresters (bet you didn’t know they needed cleaning!) and the extra added care of what to do about any unused fuel left in the tank. Manufactures provide specific instructions in the owner’s manuals about how to store your portable generator and how to drain any unused fuel for long term storage. The reason for this is to prevent “gumming” in essential fuel system parts. It is always necessary to drain the fuel if the unit is not going to be stored for more than 30 days without use. Safety tips on how to drain your generator should be followed according to the manufactures recommendations.

For the best performance from your generator it needs to have the best maintenance. Authorized service centers are listed on the manufactures websites or you can always contact us at Norwall PowerSystems 928-854-0200  if you have trouble locating a dealer.

Please note: Contacting an authorized dealer to perform routine or recommended maintenance on your generator is not a service covered by warranty or your purchase price.