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Winter in a Snow-Covered Suburban Neighborhood After a Storm

4 Unexpected Things You’ll Miss During a Winter Power Outage by Generac Power Systems

Below Freezing Temperatures May Have Serious Consequences for Homes Without Power According to a recent study, just four percent of surveyed homeowners selected heat as the household item they would … Continue reading

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Information Updates/Announcements

What is Alternative Energy? What is Renewable Energy?

According to Wikipedia Alternative Energy is an “umbrella” term that refers to any source of usable energy intended to replace fuel sources without the undesired consequences of the replaced fuels. … Continue reading

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News Updates/Announcements

September is Emergency Preparedness Month

Just before and immediately after you’ve experienced a disaster, emergency help is most likely on their way to you.  How long will it take? Depends on accessibility to the stricken … Continue reading

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What is Load Management?

The technology in today’s home standby generators is downright amazing. Smaller units doing the same job where larger generators were once required… All thanks to load management technology. Most all the major … Continue reading

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Is there a difference between Portable Generators?

Portable generators are usually marketed for specific purposes. For job sites and industrial uses where the generator will be used daily for long periods at a time and for occasional … Continue reading

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Emergency Preparedness Information News
refrigerated eggs in a refrigerator door

How long will a Refrigerator Stay Cold After Power Loss?

Food Safety During a Power Outage—How Long is the Food in Your Refrigerator and Freezer Safe? The time a refrigerator will stay cold when power is lost depends on the … Continue reading

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