Generac Power Systems began building generators in 1959 and over the last 55 years, they have become the largest manufacturer of residential standby generators in the world. The Generac standby product line at Norwall Power Systems includes models ranging from 7 kilowatts to power home essentials to 150 kilowatt units to handle the needs of many commercial buildings.


Guardian 20kW Home Backup Generator

Guardian 20kW Home Backup Generator

The popular Guardian Series of standby generators includes models from 8kW to 20kW. The air-cooled line of generators run on either LP or Natural Gas. These generators feature an engine specifically designed to meet the rugged requirements of a residential standby unit. Optional packages include an automatic transfer switch. The popular Mobile Link option allows web-based access to the generator controller from computers, tablets, and smartphones, along with text message updates on regular cell phones.



Generac 6998 PowerPact Standby Systems

The Generac 7.5 Kilowatt Standby Generator with 50-Amp Load Center ATS

The 7.5kW PowerPact standby generator system includes a 50-amp, eight-circuit ATS and was designed for easy maintenance with a compact design. The PowerPact is designed to supply essential circuits and a few conveniences with electrical power during an outage. The fuel efficient 432cc OHVI engine uses just one gallon of LP Gas or 83 cubic feet of Natural Gas while running at half load.

Complete with digital controller, flexible fuel line connector, composite mounting pad, and two-year consumer warranty.



Quiet Source standby generator

Generac Quiet Source

Designed for larger homes and small businesses, QuietSource standby generators includes 22, 27, 36, and 48 kilowatts of power in single-phase 240-volt, and 208-volt or 240-volt three-phase models. 480-volt three-phase models are also available as 36 and 48 kilowatt generators. The Quiet Source line features liquid-cooled four and eight cylinder engines that run on Natural or LP Gas. California Emission compliant versions of the 48 kilowatt models are also available.


A Generac Commercial Standby Generator

Generac Power Systems Commercial

These premium-grade commercial-duty standby generators feature liquid-cooled engines similar to those found in automobiles. The 25 and 30 kilowatt models are available as 240-volt single phase or three-phase 208-volt or 240-volt configurations and have steel enclosures. The 45kw model also includes a 480-volt three phase configuration. These three models run on either LP or Natural Gas.

Commercial Standby Generator Guide

Larger capacity units include 60, 70, 80, 100, 130, and 150 kilowatt units. Different models use Natural or LP Gas. Factory configurations include single-phase 240-volt and three-phase configurations of 208 volts, 240, volts, or 480 volts. California emission compliance is standard on the 100, 130, and 150 kilowatt units and as an option on 45, 60, and 70 kilowatt models.


The Generac Protector with integrated base tank.

Liquid Cooled Diesel Powered for Reliability and Efficiency

The Protector Series are standby diesel generators suitable for home or small business use. Models available are 15, 20, 30, 48, and 50 kilowatts and include a fuel tank integrated into the base of the unit. The 48kW unit comes only as a single-phase, 240 volt model, but the other models are available in configurations for 240V single phase, and three-phase options of 208, and 240 volts. The 50kW unit can also be purchased in a 480-volt configuration.

This series of generators all use liquid-cooled diesel engines that operate at 1800 RPM. Generac’s Code Ready system simplifies compliance with local building codes for diesel-powered standby generators. Options are easily added during installation which eliminates the need for customization. Fuel tanks are double walled to contain leaks and include a leak detection system with alarm. Code-Ready options include spill containment and recovery, emergency stop, fuel cut-off, tank fill tube risers, and drop tubes.

Whatever your residential or commercial standby generator needs, Norwall PowerSystems has the Generac generator to fit your business and home requirements. The next time the power goes out, relax in the knowledge that you’ll have power during outages that last a few hours or a few weeks.