Larger homes benefit from the added power capacity of the new 26kW generator systems. These powerful generators top the air-cooled class with up to 33% more power than competing brands to run everything from air conditioners to electric ranges.

Generac, Briggs & Stratton Air-Cooled 26kW Generator Models

It wasn’t very long ago that air-cooled generators topped out at 20 kilowatts on propane and 18 kilowatts on natural gas. Higher power requirements meant stepping up to a liquid cooled machine rated from 20 kilowatts up to 150 kilowatts. That began to change to 2014 when Generac introduced an addition to their Guardian Series home generator line—the 22 Kilowatt. In 2020, the 24-kilowatt Guardian took the limit a little higher.

A year later, Briggs and Stratton and Generac announced 26kW generator models that would become available in 2022.

Shipping from Stock! Briggs and Stratton 26kW Generator with 200-Amp Automatic Transfer Switch

Available for Pre Order! Generac 26kW Generator with 200-Amp Automatic Transfer Switch

Both companies fit the new generator into the same enclosures as other generators in their respective series. Same footprint, same space considerations.

Take a virtual look under the hood of the Briggs and Stratton 26kW Generator and Generac 26kW Generator.

Briggs and Stratton 26kW Generator with 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch and Amplify Gateway

Briggs and Stratton 26kW Generator PowerProtect Series

The Briggs and Stratton generator powerplant is a Vanguard V-Twin OHV Commercial Grade engine. Briggs and Stratton’s Vanguard is well-known worldwide as a durable and reliable engine. Displacement is 993 cc and this same V-Twin engine is also found in Briggs’ 20-Kilowatt and 17- Kilowatt generators.

A fully pressurized lubrication system includes a spin-on automotive type oil filter. Briggs specifies 2.31 liters of a full synthetic SAE 5W-30 Oil with and SJ or higher rating. A loss of oil pressure, usually caused by a low oil condition, shuts down the generator to prevent engine damage. Briggs and Stratton implemented an oil cooler which assists engine cooling and extends oil life.

Briggs & Stratton Vanguard V-Twin OHV Commercial Grade Engine

A self-excited, rotating field alternator manufactured by Briggs and Stratton produces 120/240-Volt alternating current (AC) at 60 Hertz. Brushed, electronic voltage regulation ensures steady, clean current under changing load conditions. Total Harmonic Distortion is less than 5%. Briggs rates the alternator motor starting capability at 41kVA with a 13 percent voltage dip.

Briggs and Stratton generators use the GC-1032 controller with LED display. The controller incorporates 2-wire starting, frequency control, real time clock, engine hours, and engine runtime scheduler. High temperature shutdown, low oil pressure, and fault code display provide additional safety controls. 

Amplify power management controls up to 32 circuits with user selectable priorities via a smartphone app. Generator bundles that include the whole house automatic transfer switch also include the Amplify gateway with included Wi-Fi InfoHub remote monitoring. Not included for power management are the low voltage management modules and high voltage management modules.

The generator has an aluminum enclosure that locks with a key and is rated for up to 186 MPH winds.

PowerProtect Generators by Briggs and Stratton come with an unmatched 6-year limited warranty that covers all parts, labor, and travel for a full 6 years.

Generac 26kW Guardian Generator with 200-Amp Whole House Automatic Transfer Switch

Generac 26kW Generator Guardian Series

Generac’s powerplant is the G-Force 1000 V-Twin Industrial Grade Engine with cast-iron cylinder sleeves with plateau-honed cylinder walls and plasma moly rings. Generac G-Force engines are purpose built for rigorous use in a standby generator, a claim no other manufacturer makes. The 26kW generator displacement is 999 cc, the same V-Twin engine found in Guardian 18-kilowatt, 22-kilowatt, and 24-kilowatt generators.

A pressurized lubrication system incorporates low oil pressure shutdown and a spin-on automotive-type oil filter. Oil capacity is 1.8 liters of full synthetic SAE 5W-30 for all temperature ranges.

Generac G-Force Engines

The two-pole rotating field alternator rated for 120/240-Volts at 60 Hertz puts has a maximum rated continuous capacity of 108.3 Amperes. Generac’s True Power Technology with superior harmonics and wave form produce less than 5% Total Harmonic Distortion. Frequency compensated voltage regulation provides a fast response to changing load conditions. Digital voltage regulation is ± 1 percent.

Generac Guardian generators use the Evolution Controller, a state of art electronic controller with two-line multilingual LCD and sealed, raised buttons. The controller implements voltage sensing on the utility for automatic operation. Generator voltage sensing ensures clean power to the home or business. An electronic governor maintains a constant 60 Herts frequency. The smart battery charger varies power depending on temperature and charges the battery only when needed. The programmable exercise period operates the engine for 5 minutes every other week, but the owner can select weekly or monthly exercise.

Generac Evolution Controller

The 26kW Generac Generator with 200-Amp Automatic Transfer Switch implements power management. Generac’s power management strategy is changing. In the past, the ATS included an Air Conditioner Control Module (ACCM) that prioritized up to 4 central air conditioners. Additional management controls for up to 8 additional high-voltage loads is available through Smart Management Modules, sold separately.

This generator has a sound attenuated aluminum enclosure rated for 150 MPH. The top locks with a key.

The Generac 26kW Generator comes with a 5-Year limited warranty on parts, labor, and travel.