As a culture, we trust and depend on electricity to help get us through our daily lives. We use social media to stay connected to our friends and family, GPS to find our way through a new town, and we depend on its ability to be there when we need it most. But, that isn’t always guaranteed – with storms causing power outages and just general failure on the grid. These curveballs are an unavoidable part of life, however that doesn’t mean that you are left in the cold with no options.

The best thing you can do to prepare yourself for any emergency blackout situation is to get a standby 20kw generator for your home. The following are a few of the best reasons why you should invest in a generator for your home now!

You Never Know When an Emergency Will Happen

If emergencies happened on a timely schedule we knew about, they wouldn’t be so bad! Homeowners and weather forecasters try their best to prepare for severe weather – from keeping sump pumps for flooding to installing storm windows and buying emergency kits and flashlights. However, since weather isn’t always the source of a power outage, these supplies might not be very helpful in all situations.

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, our nation’s infrastructure (which includes the power grid) has been graded a D+ rating – which is passing, but barely. Our power grid is more than half a century old and the repairs and upgrades needed to make the grid more reliable are expensive.

Sometimes when power failure happens it’s not a hurricane or tornado or deadly storm, but maybe a rodent chewed up some of the important circuitry connecting you to the grid. What good will your emergency kits do in that situation? With even a 20kW generator, you will find that you can keep the most important functions of your house running smoothly until it can be repaired.

Digital Lives Need More Power

These days, everyone has a smart phone or a tablet or both. Many people have abandoned the traditional house phone in exchange for the comforts of a smart phone. While these new devices often have extended battery capacities, they won’t stay on forever. In the event of a blackout or power failure, the countdown begins on all electronic devices.

When the power is out, that means that so are your chargers, tablets, DVRs, smart TVs, laptops, desktops and any other multimedia devices that rely on power.

Protect Your Second Home

Investing in a standby generator is a great opportunity to help protect your second home – especially if it is in an area that occasionally dips into temperatures that are below freezing. If the power goes out while you aren’t around, without a standby generator, your property is susceptible to hazards like pipes freezing and bursting, which can lead to an expensive damage repair and a nasty surprise next time you visit your vacation home.

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