Recent Extreme Conditions show the value of Generators in an Emergency


Stay safe from the heat this summer.

This summer is going to be a hot one.

This, of course, is an understatement, as late June has already shown us. All across the United States, people are without power in the middle of a blistering Mid-Atlantic heatwave. Millions are without power due to the recent storms, and the heat and extreme conditions are making life extremely difficult for those without a power generator.

The Mid-Atlantic region, in addition to the recent storms that tore through the eastern seaboard, devastating homes and leaving millions without power, is experiencing dangerously high levels of heat. Other areas of the country are also sweltering in the summer sun. Denver recorded its hottest June on record, with 17 consecutive days reaching higher than 90 degrees, with 5 of them reaching 100 degrees. This is unusual for the area, and these extremes are going to carry throughout the summer across the United States.

People are seeing the value of a home generator now more than ever before. With millions without power, many are throwing away thousands of dollars in spoiled food. Those with generators are doing what they can towards helping their neighbors, as everyone is coming together to survive the crisis. Homes with generators are prepared for such a disaster, and are able to help their community in an emergency situation. The security of a home generator is incredible, shielding your family from the extreme and dangerous weather conditions in both winter and summer.

There are guidelines for keeping cool in an emergency heatwave, and most of them require a generator, which truly shows their value. Here are a few tips to keep cool and safe with a generator during a heatwave blackout:

  • Chill a spray bottle in the refrigerator, and if you must go outside, take it with you.
  • Fans help circulate air and are extremely valuable for the home.
  • Take frequent cool baths and showers.
  • Instead of hot foods, eat cool meals stored in the refrigerator.

Don’t let the heat take you out this summer.

Of course, none of these are possible without a generator. A home generator is such a great preparation method for a heatwave-related power outage, and can be life-saving. 17 deaths have already been reported due to the storm and extreme heat. Protect your home and family with a home generator, and be prepared for anything this extreme summer will bring.