6kW—60 kW Kohler Standby Generators for Home or Business

A Kolher Liquid Cooled Standby Generator Installed at a Home

Kohler air-cooled Backup Generators for home range from 8k kilowatts to 20 kilowatts. Off-grid 6-Kilowatt VSD models generate 24-volts, 36-volts, and 48-volts for those days when the doesn’t shine or the wind doesn’t blow. Kohler liquid-cooled standby generators from 24-kilowatts to 60-kilowatts power homes and businesses during outages lasting a few minutes to weeks or longer.

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Kohler Generators

Kohler 14kW / 20kW Installed with 200-Amp Automatic Transfer Switch
Kohler 14-Kilowatt or 20-Kilowatt Home Backup Generato with 200-Amp Automatic Transfer Switch

Kohler designs and manufactures standby generators in the same spirit of innovation as the first Kohler Automatic Power & Light Generators supplied to rural homes and farms in the 1920s before power outside the cities became available. The Power & Light automatically turned itself on whenever the home or farm needed power and then turned itself off again after the need ended, saving fuel, maintenance time and cost, and wear on the machine.

Economical Air-Cooled Kohler Standby Generators for residential applications fit most homeowner needs across the country for backup power during an outage. Ranging from 8 kilowatts for essential circuits up to 20 kilowatts for whole-house power and multiple air conditioners with power management.

Kohler Home Standby Generator Features and Benefits

Kohler VSD 6-Volt Generators produce DC Current at 24 volts, 36 volts, and 48 volts to charge batteries directly when wind and solar are unavailable. The Kohler 6-Kilowatt VSD DC Generator varies the engine speed based on the amount of power required to save fuel and reduce noise. For Off-Grid applications the Kohler VSD 24-Volt, Kohler VSD 36-Volt, and Kohler VSD 48-Volt come with a 18-month / 1000-hour limited warranty.

For business applications and homes requiring more power, Liquid-Cooled Kohler Standby Generators supply power from 24-Kilowatts to 60-Kilowatts. Liquid-Cooled generators have automotive-type engines that pump coolant from a reservoir through the engine and into a radiator with a fan to remove heat. In climates with extreme heat, they experience fewer high temperature faults due to their more efficient cooling system.

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Kohler Home Backup Generator Outside a Home a Sunset
Kohler Home Standby Generator Ready for the Next Power Outage

Norwall Stocks Popular Generators in their warehouses across the country for shipment within 1-2 days of receiving an order. This frequently cuts delivery time from weeks or months down to a week or less. Top models include the Kohler 20-Kilowatt 20RESCL-200SELS and the Kohler 14-Kilowatt 14RESAL-200SELS—each with a 200-AMP Kohler Automatic Transfer Switch Rated for Service Entrance Use Indoors or Outdoors.

For those looking to power the essentials or small homes, the 12-Kilowatt 12RESVL-100LC12 comes with a 100-Amp 12-Circuit Load Center ATS and supplies power for up to twelve 120-Colt Circuits. The 8-Kilowatt 8RESVL-100LC12 also comes with a 100-Amp 12-Circuit Load Center ATS.

Off-Grid homeowners or remote business sights find the 6-Kilowatt 48-Volt 6VSG with Oil Makeup Kit perfect for unattended remote use. The additional oil reservoir extends the oil life between changes to 250 hours. The Kohler VSD runs on either natural gas or propane.

Need more Power? The Kohler 48-Kilowatt 48RCLB Runs on Natural Gas or Propane. This liquid-cooled Kohler Standby Generator powers large homes, estates, agricultural applications, and small to medium-sized retail and business office operations. Kohler Liquid-Cooled Generators operate at 1800 RPMs for longer engine life and reduced noise.

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