With hurricane Irene coming in fast, it is important to take all the necessary precautions. A portable generator can quickly and effectively keep your family safe and secure during this unpredictable storm.

The Miami based hurricane centre said “Irene is forecast to become a larger than average hurricane”. Irene is currently moving at a category 1 and was initially expected to hit an alarming category 4, currently downgraded to reach a category 3 level.  Everybody living on the eastern coast of the U.S. should monitor Irene closely and take immediate steps to keep as safe and comfortable as possible. Authorities who are watching Irene’s path along the U.S. Atlantic seaboard say Irene may even sweep up to New York City by Sunday.

With comfort and confirmation, forecasts show Irene is no threat to the U.S. oil and gas instillations in the Gulf of Mexico, and therefore anticipate gas to be a safe emergency power fuel. Norwall Power Systems has a lineup of emergency power generators that run on gasoline ready for purchasers to take immediate advantage of. There are literally 1000s of generators in stock and ready to ship. A portable generator is small, inexpensive and will keep home essentials running such as, lights, refrigerator and other necessary appliances.

Although a portable generator is perfect for many situations, like the current hurricane threat, for future home or business safety and reliability, a standby generator will still provide automatic power during a range of erratic situations.  Black-outs, brown-outs, inclement weather, tornados, electrical storms, accidents, and power plant issues are just a few of the increasing situations that we need to prepare and be ready for. Of course these generators are more expensive than portable models, but they have an infinite number of hours by comparison, and will start automatically once they sense a power disruption.

The Generac Guardian 8kW generator is a reliable unit, and lasts three to four times longer than comparable standby brands that actually require more regular maintenance. For additional power and performance, the Generac Guardian 20kW is the most popular and effective choice.

This past Monday, Irene, still a tropical storm and scattered across the northeast Caribbean islands has caused a lightning strike fire, destroying a mansion on Necker Island, owned by the British billionaire Richard Branson.

With that said, don’t leave your family and belongings to chance this hurricane season. Get your power generator shipped in as little as a few days! For those not able to prepare for Irene or are not amongst the affected population, it may be wise to order your home standby generator now, thereby allowing time for delivery and installation before the next hurricane hits.

As a late hurricane is a poor indicator of a season’s typical hurricane threat, we wish to pass on this information in order to help you prepare and understand the potential threat this season may entail. In 1998, the first hurricane hit on Aug 22nd, which managed to deliver 10 subsequent hurricanes, including Hurricane Lisa, that touched down in Key West and then on to Biloxi, Mississippi.  A total of 9 hurricanes developed in 2001 starting on Sept 8th,, 4 in 2002 beginning Sept 11th, and 5 in 2006 with its first on Aug 27th. As you can see, the season is only getting started but Norwall PowerSystems is already taking measures to make sure that nobody is without power when the unexpected happens.