Planning an outing in the great outdoors this summer? Having fun in the outdoors is the highlight of summer whether it’s in your backyard, out at the lake, at a campground, or tailgating at the ball park. Outdoor parties and gatherings are an American tradition that’s hard to beat, and every summer finds millions of Americans spending time with Mother Nature.

Briggs & Stratton Powerboss 1700

Electrical Power for Outdoor Fun

A small portable generator can make all the difference to your outing no matter how big or small. They power festive lights, music players, crockpots and roasters, and small refrigerators. You can even hook up an electric spit on the grill to do some serious cooking while you watch the game on TV. Park shelters often have a single duplex receptacle for supplying power at 15 or 20 amperes. Adding a portable generator can double the amount of power available to family reunions, company or church picnics, or any other event.

Whatever the activity, Norwall PowerSystems has small generators to supply the power without breaking your budget.

Truly Portable

Generac Portable iX Series iX2000

Generac Portable iX Series iX2000

They are small; you can pick them up with one hand and carry them wherever you need without setting down your favorite beverage. They don’t use a lot of fuel and can run for hours on a single tank of gas. Several types are available, and most are quiet enough that if you set them away from the party, they won’t bother anyone. The low noise makes them suitable for campgrounds and RV parks.

Inverter Generators

Generac iX2000 Inverter Portable Generator | 6719

Generac iX2000 Inverter Portable Generator | 6719

Small and extra quiet, these generators are economical to run and weigh just 30 to 50 pounds, depending on the size. Norwall has inverter generator models ranging from 800 to 2000 watts that can run for up to nearly five hours at half load. Unlike most other generators, the engine speed varies with the electrical load, which keeps noise at a minimum and fuel economy at a maximum.

Inverter generators provide 120 volts of AC electric current through two standard receptacles. The 1600 and 2000 watt models also have a 12-volt receptacle for charging batteries or operating 12-volt appliances. Three models from Generac offer 800, 1600, and 2000 watts of power. Briggs & Stratton has a 1600 watt model.

Up to 40 percent quieter than most camping generators, inverter generators are ideal for camping, RVing, outdoor gatherings and anywhere reliable, clean power is required. With inverter technology, you can even power your sensitive electronics without worry.

Portable Generators

Two other small generators that supply 120 volts of AC power include the Winco 3000 and the Briggs & Stratton Powerboss.

The Winco 3000 is rated for 2400 watts of continuous power with a 3000 watt surge, making it possible to power a mid-sized refrigerator or a small freezer, with power left over for holiday lights or turning the spit. The Winco weighs in at 68 pounds, has a 20 amp breaker and will run for 1.5 hours at half load on just two quarts of fuel.

Providing 1700 watts of continuous power, the Powerboss is ideal at outings and special events or camping. It runs for up to 8 hours on a single tank of fuel and has surge rating of 2000 watts to help start electric motors. At 79 pounds, the compact unit was designed for balance to make it easy to carry and has multi-featured control panel for easy operation.


Updated February 13,  2018