Generac PowerPact 6518 showing automatic transfer switch with wiring whips for installation.

PowerPact 6518 Standby Generator System Includes ATS and Installation Wiring

Generac discontinued the CorePower standby generator system. The CorePower system was a 7000-watt, standby generator that ran on either natural gas or propane and included an automatic transfer switch with built-in priority load center.

The new PowerPact Standby Generator is a seven-kilowatt addition to the Guardian lineup of generators. It incorporates the latest Evolution Controller, which makes it compatible with several options including the Wireless Local Monitor and Generac’s remote monitoring system, Mobile Link.

This latest standby generator in the Guardian lineup is an affordable option for supplying power during long and short-term power outages.

Three PowerPact Models

Generac offers the PowerPact in three packages for various installation scenarios.

Model 6561 is the seven-kilowatt generator only. No automatic transfer switch is included and must be purchased separately.

Model 6518 includes the 7-kilowatt generator and a 50-amp automatic transfer switch pre-wired for eight circuits with installation wiring whips.

Model 6519 offers the same generator and transfer switch without the wiring whips.

The transfer switch comes with eight circuits installed—five 15-amp, 120 volt; two 20-amp, 120 volt, and one 30-amp, 240 volt. The installation wiring whips included in the 6518 make installation easier and faster.

Essential Power

Standby generators are often packaged with an ATS that includes power management to control appliances that draw large amounts of power.

PowerPact Standby Generators supply power for essential circuits to keep homes and families safe during outages.

The PowerPact supplies power during an outage to keep essential circuits operating. Essential circuits are those that feed critical home appliances with power. They include circuits for refrigerators, freezers, sump pumps, well pumps, furnaces, and even medical equipment.

The Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) operates as a sub-panel of the main circuit breaker panel. During normal operation, the ATS load center receives power from the main panel through a circuit breaker.

When the power goes out, the PowerPact’s Evolution Controller senses the outage immediately and after a short pause to guard against momentary outages, starts the generator. The ATS disconnects the load center from the main panel, isolating it from the incoming utility lines, and connects it to the PowerPact supply lines.

Moments after sensing the outage, the PowerPact is supplying power to essential home circuits.

PowerPact Improvements

The CorePower standby generators were an excellent alternative to using portable generators for emergency backup power. The PowerPact offers a number of improvements.

  • TruePower electrical technology provides utility quality power suitable for even the most sensitive electronics.
  • Digital Evolution Controller monitors and regulates voltage and frequency, provides maintenance alerts and generator status, is compatible with Mobile Link and the Wireless Monitor and has programmable exercise periods to keep the generator ready for operation at all times.
  • Installation just eighteen inches away from the building (check local codes).
  • Three-Year Consumer Warranty.

Unlike portable generators, the PowerPact operates automatically whenever the power goes out, whether the homeowner is present or away. It operates on the home’s existing natural gas or propane supply lines. There is no need for constant refueling or worry about storing large quantities of gasoline in containers.

No less important is noise. The PowerPact produces just 69dB, compared to much higher sound levels for many portables that produce the same amount of power.

PowerPact Features

Like other Generac Air-Cooled generators, the PowerPact includes a Generac overhead valve engine that was designed specifically to handle the rigors demanded by a standby generator. The cast iron cylinder wall sleeves provide superior rigidity. Low-oil and high temperature shutdown protect the engine from damage.

The Evolution Controller provides ease of use with LED indicators, a mode switch for manual and automatic operation, and complete monitoring of the engine and generating unit.

Mobile Link installed on a Generac Guardian Standby Generator

Mobile Link Keeps You Updated with Status Alerts

Available options include the Wireless Local Monitor which brings the controller’s interface indoors. Or install Mobile Link, the advanced online access to the generator controller via the web or through the Mobile Link App. Check status, view alerts, schedule maintenance from your smart phone, tablet, or computer.

A cold weather kit, recommended for installations where the temperature falls below freezing, keeps the generator ready to start in sub-freezing weather.

Shop for Preventative Maintenance Kits

Shop for Preventative Maintenance Kits

Also available are maintenance kits to keep your generator operating during long-term outages, and paint kits to keep the unit looking good and rust free if it enclosure paint becomes scratched.