Cummins Power Generation introduces four new home standby generator models to the Quiet Connect Series. Designed for residential homes, the Quiet Connect Air-Cooled Home Standby offers a range of updated features that make this must-have appliance an even smarter purchase. They run off your home’s existing LP (propane) or Natural Gas supply and are permanently connected to run automatically anytime a power outage occurs.

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Quiet Connect Home Standby Generator by Cummins Power Generation

The Cummins Quiet Connect Air-Cooled Home Standby Generator with small footprint and unobtrusive close-to-home installation.

Featured Specifications

  • Fully Automatic, independent operation. Standby generators are permanently connected and monitor the utility electric supply 24/7. Outages are detected instantly. Within seconds, the standby generator starts and the speed stabilizes. The Automatic Transfer Switch moves the home onto generator power and isolates the utility lines. Once utility power is restores, the home is moved back onto utility power and the generator shuts down.
  • At just 65 dB, the Quiet Connect is one of the quietest air-cooled generators on the market.
  • The owner can monitor and control the generator from virtually anywhere an Internet connection is available. View status, schedule maintenance, set the exercise mode, or manually start and run the generator—from any smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer—Anywhere!
  • With intelligent load management that prioritizes up to 4 loads, the generator efficiently uses less natural gas or propane while supplying power to all your appliances. The controller learns the size of loads and make intelligent, proactive power-management decisions.
  • The Quiet Connect Air Cooled has a 34 x 36 x 27-inch footprint that is more than 40% smaller than previous models.
  • The controller display provides service and maintenance information. Add a remote display to view from the comfort of your home or use the remote internet connection.
  • Meets NFPA 37 requirements for installation just 18 inches from your home.
  • These units operate in temperatures down to 0o F right out of the box. With the addition of cold-weather equipment, they operate in extreme temperatures well below zero.
  • The RS20A and RS20AC can start and run a 5-ton A/C while accepting the entire load from the house.
  • Add a composite concrete pad to make installation even easier.
  • Includes a 5-year / 2000 hour limited warranty.

Four New Quiet Connect Models

Quiet Connect Air-Cooled Standby Generator

The New Air-Cooled Cummins Quiet Connect Home Standby Generator

The Quiet Connect Air-Cooled Series includes four new air-cooled home standby generators for backup power.

RS20AC – 20-kilowatt home standby generator with included 200-Amp, Service Entrance Rated Automatic Transfer Switch.

RS20A – 20-kilowatt home standby generator – requires connection with an automatic transfer switch (sold separately.)

RS17A – 17 kilowatt home standby generator – requires connection with an automatic transfer switch (sold separately.)

RS13A – 13-kilowatt home standby generator – requires connection with an automatic transfer switch (sold separately.)