New at Norwall is the Generac Protector Diesel Standby Generator with capacities from 15 to 50 kilowatts. These liquid-cooled generators feature the reliability of a liquid-cooled generator along with the power, efficiency, and longevity provided by a diesel engine. With standard and optional ‘Code Ready’ features and accessories, the Protector Series is easily fitted to comply with local codes and ordinances and are designed for use in residential and light-commercial applications, and is a UL/CUL 2200-listed generator.

Portable Standby and Mobile Diesel Generators for Sale

Protector Series Standby Diesel Generators

Norwall now includes five Protector Series Standby Generators in its lineup, all powered by four-cylinder diesel engines. Minimum half-load run time on a single tank of fuel ranges from 24 to 38 hours, depending on the actual load and output capacity of the generator.

The Generac Protector with integrated base tank.

Liquid Cooled Generator Diesel Powered for Reliability, Longevity, and Efficiency

  • RD01525 – 15 kilowatts
  • RD02025 – 20 kilowatts
  • RD03022 – 30 kilowatts
  • RD04833 – 48 kilowatts
  • RD05033 – 50 kilowatts.

Extended Tank Models run up to 115 hours at half load.

The RD04833 48kW Generator is a 120/240-Volt single-phase model. The 50kW RD05033 is a three-phase only model.

All other models are available as both single-phase and three-phase generators. Single-phase generators operate at 120/240 volts. Three-phase voltage options include 120/208 volts and 120/240 volts for the 15 and 20 kilowatt models. The 30 and 50 kilowatt models also have a 277/480-volt three-phase option. Most residential customers will require single-phase current while some commercial operations need a three-phase option.

All the models in The Protector Series work with Generac’s automatic transfer switches (purchase separately) and are permanently installed and connected systems that operate automatically in the event of a power outage.

Generac Protector Diesel and Gas Commercial and Home Standby Generators

Generator Diesel Power

The diesel engines that power Protector Generators are four-stroke, four-cylinder engines with OHV design, cast-iron cylinder heads, and aluminum pistons. They are liquid cooled with a coolant pump, radiator, and fan, similar to the cooling system in automobiles and trucks.

Great for Homes and businesses located in areas without access to liquid propane or natural gas

Great for Homes and businesses located in areas without access to liquid propane or natural gas

The 2.2 liter engines on the 15 and 20 kilowatt models have naturally aspirated air and fuel intakes. A turbocharger is added to the 2.4 liter engine used on the 30 kilowatt model, while the 3.4 liter engine on 48 and 50 kilowatt models include an after cooler in addition to the turbocharger.

Turbochargers and after coolers add power and efficiency by increasing the density of the fuel-air mixture delivered to the engine.

Engine design also includes automatic shutdown from low oil pressure, high engine or high oil temperature, and over-crank / over-speed conditions.

Diesel Natural Gas or Propane: The Best Standby Generator Fuel

Evolution Controller

At the heart of the standby generator is the Evolution Controller, a microprocessor based control system that governs virtually all aspects of the standby generator system and allows it to function independently and without human intervention. It monitors the incoming utility line, starts and runs the generator during an outage and shuts it down when power is restored. It is also responsible for a weekly exercise period, monitoring the generator system for faults, and reminding the owner when maintenance is required.

A two-line multilingual display allows navigation through a menu system using a membrane keypad and offers status alerts, exercise programming, extensive fault reporting, and maintenance scheduling. The keypad is back-lit by colored LEDs which provide generator status at a glance. They keypad, display, and main circuit breaker are visible through a window in the generator enclosure.

Mobile Link is an optional, text-message based system that uses the existing cellular system to communicate with a web-based controller dashboard. The dashboard is accessible with smart phones, tablets, and computers from inside the house or anywhere you find an Internet connection. Status alerts are also sent as text messages to your cell phone―You’ll know immediately if there is a power outage and that your generator is functioning properly.

An Argument in Favor of Diesel

Code Ready

Concerns about meeting special requirements in local building codes and ordinances are no longer an issue.

The double-walled, externally-vented and filled fuel tank meets UL/CUL-142 regulations. Leaks are contained within the outer tank, preventing environmental contamination. Leak detection shuts down the generator and issues an alarm.

Optional code-ready accessories allow quick and easy customization of the generator with off-the-shelf accessories designed to make code compliance a snap. Accessories for code compliance include low fuel alarms, locking tank caps, fuel spill and recovery systems, tank risers and fill tubes, and more.

Generac’s Protector Series Standby Generators