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The importance of / different types of electric generators

An electric home generator is an important device for a modern household. Weather patterns all around the world have dramatically changed over the past few years. Hurricanes, storms, and extreme weather conditions as such have become the norm in modern times. And often when we do encounter storms and other extreme weather conditions, we also suffer power outages.

Having an electric home generator certainly comes in handy in these situations and can also be extremely useful for keeping your power needs covered in other sets of circumstances as well. There are two different types of generators available in the market. The main difference between the two most popular categories of home generators is that stand-by generators tend to be installed in place and left alone, whereas portable generators are easy to move around in order to tackle a more flexible range of electrical power supply needs. Portable generators are the type of electric generators that’s commonly seen. They are compact, affordable and used in many situations.

Portable generators can be used for residential purposes or used outdoors for activities such as camping or for use in an RV. This device is built to run on various fuel sources such as diesel, propane and gas. They usually have a 120volt power output that is similar to the voltage of your house’s line and need to be manually started each time you need electricity.

Standby generators are relatively larger and have a higher price tag compared to portable generators. They are installed at a permanent location and have the capacity to power an entire home. Standby generators usually use the gas line to produce the required electricity or could be run on propane. It can be directly connected to your house’s electricity line and can be set to automatically start-up when a power outage is detected.

Even though a standby power generator is limited for use at one single location, they have the capacity to power up your entire home without having to worry too much about limitations. Standby generators require professional installation and in some countries/states the resident would need a permit to place one.

Not only does the electric generator act as a crucial device in an emergency but it is also a valuable investment. Purchasing an electric home generator is one of the best decisions you will ever make to protect your family and property.  Norwall Powersystems carries several extensive lines of generators for sale.  See which one is right for your purposes.


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