8.5-Kilowatt the Best Buy in Home Standby Generator Reviews – Consumer Reports

A recent product review at Consumer Reports Home Generators rated the 8.5-Kilowatt Champion as their Best Buy among the generators reviewed.

Champion Home Standby Outside a Home

With a Champion Home Backup Generator, Power Outages Won’t Leave You in the Dark

Update October 2019:

Champion’s 12.5-Kilowatt Model 100179 tied with Generac in the Large Home Generator category with a score of 93 and earned a “Recommended” Rating.

Norwall offers both generators rated by consumer reports in their online catalog under Champion. The 8.5-kilowatt Model 100174 includes an indoor 50-Amp Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS.) The ATS included with the 8.5kW 100177 is rated for indoor/outdoor installation. The 12.5-kilowatt package adds a 100-Amp Indoor/Outdoor Automatic Transfer Switch.

Champion Home Backup Generators start automatically within moments after the power fails. A standby generator installation permanently connects the generator to the home. Unlike a portable, no one connects it during an outage to restore power. It runs on natural gas or propane which means no refueling in the rain or the dark. No extension cords to worry about. A thief can’t pick it up and run off.

Moreover, the power quality compares with that supplied by the electric utility.

The Champion “… model delivers steady, reliable power, earning ratings of Excellent in both our power delivery and power quality tests.” ~Consumer Reports Generators

Champion designs their home backup generators to exacting standards for home installation in cities, suburbs, and country living. Quiet and reliable, they make an affordable and perfect fit for homeowners everywhere.

Power Expert: Champion Home Standby Features and Benefits

Champion Home Backup Generators

Champion Home Standby Installed Runs During a Power Outage

You’ll Hardly Notice Power Outages With a Champion Home Backup Generator

Champion manufactures 8.5-kilowatt to 14-kilowatt home backup generators and packages them with several Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS.) The ATS makes the connection between the generator and the home’s electrical system. It automatically chooses the source of electric power for the home. Usually, the power comes from the electric utility which is kept isolated from the generator.

When the power fails and after the generator starts, the ATS isolates the electric utility and connects the generator to the home. This necessary feature ensures power from the generator does not endanger a utility worker—a dangerous condition known as backfeeding.

“These are really the tools you want if you live in an outage-prone area … when you have an outage you’ll barely even notice since they kick on automatically and can power just about everything in your house.” ~Dave Trezza, generator testing, Consumer Reports.

Champion Standby Generators guard against dangerous conditions and eliminate the dangers often associated with using portable generators to power a home while offering benefits that portables can’t match.

  • Automatic Start – Run – Stop when the power fails and is later restored.
  • Keeps major appliances like refrigerators and freezers working through the outage.
  • Runs the furnace and central air conditioner.
  • Reliable, Clean, Utility-Grade Power within moments after the power fails.
  • Sump pumps and home security systems keep running.
  • Intelligent Demand Control Load Management ensures efficient use of generator power.
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty—Double the industry standard 5 years.
  • Champion Milwaukee Series Four-Cycle Engines
  • LPG (Propane) or NG (Natural Gas) Operation
  • Standby Generator Review—Consumer Reports—Best Buy

Buyer Guide—How Much Power Do I Need?

Champion 8.5kW – 14kW Home Backup Generators

House Lights On with a Champion Home Standby During an Outage

Norwall has Champion Home Standby Generators available in several factory configurations of 8.5-kilowatt, 12.5-kilowatt, and 14-kilowatt models available. Installation requires an automatic transfer switch—choose a model that includes an ATS unless you have special requirements or are replacing an existing standby generator. Verify any existing ATS will work with your new generator.

Transfer switches have an indoor (NEMA 1) rating or outdoor (NEMA 3R) rating. NEMA 3R allows installation outdoors or indoors, but NEMA 1 only allows indoor installation. Coordinate with your electrician installer before deciding—and make sure your local building code department is on board before you start. Your electrician installer will handle that part of the job for you.

Champion Home Standby Outaide a Cabin

Not Just for at Home, Champion Backup Generators Keep Second Homes Safe Too.

A Whole House Automatic Transfer Switch controls the source of power for your entire home. Normally it supplies power from the utility and switches to the generator during a power outage. The current rating in amps must meet or exceed the rating of your existing electrical service. A 200-Amp ATS will work just fine with a 100-Amp or 150-Amp service.

A Load Center ATS supplies specific circuits with generator power during an outage, and utility power the rest of the time. During an outage, only the circuits supplied by the load center ATS will have power. The homeowner chooses the circuits to receive generator power during installation. The rest of the home will not have power during an outage. This arrangement allows the generator to supply the most critical circuits.

Champion 200-Amp Whole-House ATSChampion Home Backup NEMA 3R Whole House ATS

14-Kilowatt Standby 100294 with 200-Amp ATS

12.5-Kilowatt Standby 100291 with 200-Amp ATS

Champion 12-Circuit 100-Amp Load-CenterChampion Home Backup 12-Circuit Load Center ATS

14-Kilowatt Standby NEMA 1 100-Amp ATS

14-Kilowatt Standby NEMA 3R 100-Amp ATS

12.5-Kilowatt Standby with NEMA 1 100-Amp ATS

12.5-Kilowatt Standby with NEMA 3R 100-Amp ATS

Champion 8-Circuit 50-Amp Load CenterChampion Home Backup 8-Circuit Load Center ATS

8.5-Kilowatt Standby with NEMA 1 50-Amp ATS

8.5-Kilowatt Standby with NEMA 3R 50-Amp ATS

Automatic Transfer Switch Buyer Guide