With the recent spike in generator sales some products have been hard to find, many models have sold-out, and waiting times are taking longer than usual for delivery from the factory in some areas. That is why Norwall has stocked up on many of the popular and necessary items in their catalogue. We want to make sure that your order can be sent out immediately, without any waiting time.

With a variety of needs out there, we wanted to make sure we had some of everything. Our stocking location is full, with inverters ranging from 800-7000Watts, portables from 2000-10,000+ Watts, home standby 6-20kW, and whole house generators from 22-45kW. This includes some of our most popular generators like the Generac Portable XG Series XG8000E with electric start, and the 18/20kW/LP Generator and 200 Amp ATS for Whole House application. Additionally, we have slashed prices to help you save on expenses during this hurricane season!

If you have not yet had the opportunity or budget to provide yourself and your family with the comfort of an electricity generating power system, now may be the chance you’ve been waiting for. Hurricane season is just past the middle mark with 2 months of the season remaining. As Richard Kline once said “Confidence is preparation. Everything else is beyond your control”.