Calendar page for May 13th - Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is almost here, Sunday May 13th!

Here at Norwall PowerSystems we have great suggestions for the perfect gift.  Give Mom the gift of reliable, on-demand, backup electricity that will show her that you care about her comfort and safety!

Even better, how about one of our popular automatic home standby generators from Generac that comes pre-packaged with a transfer switch for backup power. These models run on natural gas or propane, and easily change from one fuel type to the other. Included is a built-in base pad for minimal site preparation that can help to keep installation costs down.

And we can all agree that Mom deserves nothing but the best!  So Generac includes in their packages a transfer switch options for every need. There are choices ranging from an 8kW model that can power only a small part of your house, up to 20kW units that will likely manage all of your electrical needs comprehensively. The transfer switch is smart enough to manage the start-up of the air conditioners so no overloading of the generator occurs.  Mom will be so impressed!

wireless remote monitor

A wireless remote monitor like this one by Generac lets you keep track of your generator’s condition without leaving the house.

For some extra convenience, you or your mother can enjoy instant status updates without leaving the house with a wireless remote monitor.  Now there’s no need to go outside during inclement weather to check your generator status.  Completely wireless and battery powered, the wireless remote monitor provides visual and audio alerts for maintenance and an audio alert when battery is low.  They are small and compact about the size of a credit card with a magnetic back for refrigerator mounting if desired.  Mom will be doubtlessly be overjoyed at your thoughtfulness!

But we’re not through yet…  We also provide state of the art battery charging system that helps prevents damage to your battery.  The Nexus control panel keeps track of hours of use and the maintenance schedule, and will display alerts to keep you updated with the requirements of your generator.  No longer will you have to wonder if your unit is overdue for maintenance!  It will tell you when it’s time to call for service.

Mom will be surprised with the gift of an automatic home standby generator that provides peace of mind for an uninterrupted lifestyle.  So this Mother’s Day, give the Mom in your life a gift that shows her just how important she is to you!