Adding a standby generator to a home usually requires additional equipment that includes an automatic transfer switch and an emergency load center. Circuits in the emergency load center are normally supplied with electricity from the power company via a circuit breaker in the main service panel. When an outage occurs, the transfer switch disconnects circuits in the emergency load center from the utility supply and connects them to the generator.

The GenReady Load Center replaces the main distribution panel and eliminates the extra equipment usually associated with adding a standby generator to a home’s electrical system. It combines an automatic transfer switch, main distribution panel, and emergency load center into a single box.

New Construction Option

The GenReady ADVANCED load center is a hybrid panel that operates as a normal load center and also allows for seamless integration with standby generators.

If you are building a new home or extensively remodeling an existing home, consider upgrading the electrical system to handle the installation of a generator right from the beginning. Planning a generator installation before construction provides the opportunity to maximize the benefits of the generator without substantially rewiring the home at a later date.

Generac’s GenReady Load Center takes the place of a standard distribution panel, automatic transfer switch and an emergency load center. Even when current plans don’t include the installation of a generator, the GenReady Load Center installs and functions as a main service panel. When the decision is made at a later date to install the generator, the home’s electrical system is ready for it. Electrical installation is reduced to adding an EZ Transfer Operator if it was not originally installed, and then connecting the generator to the load center.

EZ Transfer Operator

Generac EZ Transfer Operator Field Installation Kit p/n 5447

The EZ transfer operator switches the emergency portion of the panel between utility and generator power. Installation can occur when the GenReady Load Center is installed, or it can occur at a later date. With the operator installed and functioning, all circuits are supplied with utility power during normal operation.

When a power emergency occurs, the EZ Transfer Operator disconnects the emergency portion of the panel from the utility supply and switches it to the generator supply after the generator has started and is able to supply power.


The GenReady Load Center takes up the same the same space as a standard 42 breaker service panel with room for up to 40 circuits using tandem circuit breakers. It accepts GE, Siemens, SquareD and Cutler-Hammer brand 1-inch breakers in either tandem or single breaker configuration for single-pole (120 volt) circuits. Standard 2-inch, double-pole (240-volt) breakers from these manufacturers also fit.

This load center is rated for connection to generators that supply up to 125 amperes or 30 kilowatts. Indoor installation uses a NEMA 1 enclosure; outdoor installations require a NEMA 3R enclosure available as an option. The design also allows for the use of two load centers with one generator when more emergency circuits are required.

Design and Operation

Generac designed the GenReady Load Center for use in new construction and remodeling/renovation projects that require replacement of the existing service panel equipment. It is rated SE for service entrance use, which means it contains a main circuit breaker and branch circuit breakers. This load center is not intended for installation as a transfer switch in existing home unless extensive rewiring or service panel upgrades are planned.

With an EZ Transfer Operator installed, the load center is divided into an emergency panel and a non-emergency panel. The non-emergency panel and the emergency panel always receive power when connected to the utility company. During an outage, only the emergency section of the panel receives power from the generator. If more circuits are required than a single GenReady Load Center can provide, a second load center will operate in tandem with the first and connect to the same generator.