Prepare Before Hurricane Season Begins

June 1 - November 30

48 Hours Before Landfall

Evacuations Start Gas Stations Run Dry Store Shelves Empty Plywood - Sold Out Generators - Sold Out

5-Steps to Hurricane Prep

1. Evacuation Plan

Evacuation Zone Evacuation Route Evacuation Kit Destination Plan Plan for Pets (Never Leave Them Behind)

5-Steps to Hurricane Prep

2. Disaster Kit

Non Perishable Food 7 Day Supply of Water (7 gallons per person) Batteries NOAA Weather Radio Cash -Disaster Kit Basics-

5-Steps to Hurricane Prep

3. Insurance Checkup

Homeowners Insurance Won't Cover Flooding May Not Cover Wind Buy Flood Insurance Check Wind Coverage -Insurance Checkup-

5-Steps to Hurricane Prep

4. Communication Plan

Print a Contact List Designate a Main Contact Disaster Tip Text Messages Succeed  When Calls Do Not. -Communication Plan-

5-Steps to Hurricane Prep

5. Prepare Your Home

Upgrade to Hurricane Codes Hurricane Shutters  Plywood Window Covers Trim Trees Landscape Prep -More-

5-Steps to Hurricane Prep

Back Up Power Plan

Standby Generator Whole House Power Automatic No Need to Refuel Portable Generator Limited Power Not Automatic Refuel 2-3 Times a Day