The Gift of Power in the Season of Giving


When a Late Fall Storm Knocked Out the Power, Evan was Prepared.

He wheeled out the portable generator, put it under the picnic table, and plugged it into the transfer switch inlet box.


A special news report on the TV detailed widespread power outages, flooding, and downed trees throughout the area.

Worried about their daughter, son-in-law, and new baby, Kori called to check on them, but each time the call was dropped.

Joanne didn't return Kori's call until three in the morning. Their power was out and the house was cold. They had the baby in bed with them to keep him warm. Cell service was spotty and they didn't know why.

It wasn't very long and Joanne called back. A downed tree and wires blocked their street and the police officer there said the road ahead was flooded.

By the next morning, utility crews working through the night had restored power to most of the area. Joanne and her new family were safe and warm again.

Relieved, Evan and Kori talked about it over breakfast.

Kori wasn't so sure. "Playing with a generator in the pouring rain? Water and electricity don't mix. I don't want to hear how he got electrocuted and I sure don't want that happening to you."

"You'll spend a $1000 to get them a generator and then more money to get it hooked up like ours so it runs the furnace.

He talked it over with Kori and made some calls to find out about building codes and installation.

**Based on a story told to Norwall PowerSystems by one of their customers in 2016.

Next time the power goes out,

Will your house be the one with lights and a working furnace or air conditioner?