Quick Facts

Hurricanes—the Most Powerful & Destructive Cyclones on Earth

Fort Myers Pier

Before Hurricane Ian

After Hurricane Ian

– Thunderstorms Organize Into a Tropical Depression. – A Depression Can Strengthen into a Tropical Storm. – The Right Conditions Cause a Storm to Become a Hurricane.

Tropical Cyclones

Tropical Depression

Tropical Storm


Wind Speed is Only One Measurement of Hurricane Strength

Tropical Cyclone Wind Speed

Tropical Depression <39 MPH

Tropical Storm 39 - 73 MPH

Hurricane 74 - 110 MPH

Major Hurricane 111 - 190 MPH

Historically, Storm Surge Causes More Fatalities and Damage Than Any Other Hurricane Hazzard.

Storm Surge

#1 Hazard 

Hurricane Ian's Storm Surge Exceeded 15 Feet.

Torrential Rain can Overwhelm Rivers, Streams, Lakes, and Water Retention Ponds. 

Inland Flooding

#2 Hazard 

Tropical Storm Allison Dumped more than 40 inches of Rain on Houston, Texsas

Extreme Wind Danger: A properly prepared home can survive category 5 hurricane wind.

Extreme Wind

#3 Hazard 

In 2019, Hurricane Dorian had Sustained Winds of 185 MPH Gusting to 220 MPH

Heavy Surf and Rip Current Occur When the Cyclone is Still 100s of miles from shore.

Rip Currents/Surf 

#4 Hazard

Every Year, Swimmers and Beach Visitors Drown in Rip Currents and Rough Surf

As a powerful cyclone, hurricanes can spawn other cyclones. Tornadoes often occur after a hurricane makes landfal.


#5 Hazard

Hurricanes May Spawn Multiple Torndaoes that Cause Additional Damage

It can take Days or Weeks to Restore Power. For some Hurricane Sandy Survivors, it was months before the utility finished repairs.

Power Outages

Hurricanes often cause extensive damage to the electrical grid.

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Hurricane Power Outage Prep