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A Kohler Standby Generator and Automatic Transfder Switch

Preparing Meals During an Extended Power Outage

We rely upon electricity every day and don’t think about it very much. At one time electrical power seemed almost miraculous. Now, most of us simply take it for granted. … Continue reading

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NOAA Map of Winter Storm Juno and how it will impact the East Coast.

Winter Storm Juno Bring Blizzard Warnings – Power Outages

The National Weather Service has issued blizzard warnings from the Maine-New Brunswick border all the way down to the New Jersey shoreline. Affected major cities include Portland, Boston, Hartford, and … Continue reading

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A single home has power in dark neighborhood without electricity after a storm.

Four Reasons You Need a Standby Generator for Your Home

Keep Your Home and Family Safe When Power Outages Leave You Vulnerable Power outages rarely happen on a schedule. Instead, they strike without warning and each time the power goes … Continue reading

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Hurricane Arthur impacts the USA Coast over the Noth Carolina Outer Banks.

Quiet 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season Gives USA a Break

The 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season ended on November 30. As predicted by several agencies including The National Hurricane Center, The University of Colorado, and Tropical Storm Risk, the Atlantic Hurricane … Continue reading

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An infographic showing various severe weather types that impacted the USA during 2012.

Basics of Home Generators for Emergency Backup Power

Events in recent years have punctuated the fragility of our nation’s power grid. Hurricane seasons over this year and last have been relatively quiet, but tornadoes, ice storms and other … Continue reading

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Transmission tower supporting high-voltage electrical transmission cables.

Use Standby Generators for Independence and Home Safety

Power outages happen for many reasons. Severe weather is the number one cause and weather-related outages often affect large areas. Every year, millions of Americans make-do without electrical power for … Continue reading

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