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Emergency Preparedness Generator Tips News
A Generac Standby Generator Installed at a Gas Station

Hurricane Force Winds Knock Out Power in Northeast Illinois

65,000 Households and Numerous Businesses Lose Power After Sustained 70 MPH Winds Tuesday, September 25 began with a National Weather Service alert regarding an elevated risk of thunderstorms. Early in … Continue reading

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Portable Generators
The United States Flag against a blue sky with the sun shining through it.

Memorial Day and the Summer Season of Outdoor Fun

Every year on the last Monday in May, The United States observes Memorial Day. The day when as a nation we remember those who gave their lives in the service … Continue reading

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Portable Generators
Generac general purpose 8000 watt portable generator

Use Generators Safely for Emergency Power During Winter Storm Outages

In the fall of 2012, Hurricane Sandy roared up the coast and left millions in the dark. Most power outages took crews about a week to restore power. Others were … Continue reading

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