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Hurricane Dorian as it travel north along the East Coast- With Affected Cities and States

Hurricanes and Storms: 5 Tropical Systems Active in the Atlantic Basin

Hurricane Dorian stays just offshore of the East Coast after devastating the Bahamas and Abaco Islands with 185 MPH sustained winds. Dorian will remain a Category 2 Hurricane for the … Continue reading

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Hurricane Get Ready

Hurricane Preparedness Week: Storm Surge and Coastal Flooding

News television networks often talk about storm surge and how it can overwhelm dikes and levees, cause damage to shorelines, and inundate coastal areas with fast rising water. When storm … Continue reading

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Take Action: National Hurricane Preparedness Week

Hurricanes are without any doubt a force of nature to be respected. People living anywhere along North America’s Eastern and Gulf of Mexico coastlines need an emergency plan to deal … Continue reading

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