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A single home has power in dark neighborhood without electricity after a storm.

Power Outage: Adaptation Just as Important as Preparation

Stay Ahead by Adapting to Power Outages and Minimize Losses—Lack of Comfort Power outages have a way of disrupting lives. Those who prepare and make a plan have a definite … Continue reading

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Guardian 20kW Home Backup Generator

Home Standby Generator Watts Comparison—What Can I Run?

What Can I Run with My Generator? The answer is, it depends. Norwall PowerSystems supplies standby generators with power capacities that range from 7000 watts to 150,000 watts, and many … Continue reading

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A generator on a Gen Pad

Automatic Transfer Switches for Standby Generator Systems

Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) make permanent and safe connections between homes or businesses and backup power generators. During normal operation the switch is in the utility position and supplies power … Continue reading

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The New Briggs & Stratton 8kW and 10kW Standby Generators

When the power goes out, the new 8 and 10 kilowatt standby generators from Briggs & Stratton provide standby power to keep your home’s critical functions operating while providing additional power … Continue reading

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