Pressure washers do more than clean. They remove loose paint, clean out the joints and cracks in your driveway, and save you time and effort while doing most of the work. Norwall Power Systems offers four consumer-grade, Westinghouse gas-powered pressure washers.

Hose BibA typical residential hose bib will provide eight to ten gallons of water per minute at about 10 pounds of pressure per square inch. That works well for watering the grass or rinsing your boots off, but it won’t clean much. To do some serious work, a gas powered pressure washer provides plenty of power for most cleaning jobs without breaking your budget.

Pressure washers work on a simple principle. They use a pump and nozzle to increase the water pressure dramatically, and at the same time they reduce the amount of water used. A siphon hose inserted into a bottle adds soap and other cleaners to the water.

Pressure Washer Specifications

Westinghouse 2700 psi Gas Pressure Washer

Westinghouse 2700 psi Gas Pressure Washer

When comparing residential pressure washers, it is easy to see the pressure touted by one manufacturer and compare it to the pressure offered by a competitor. But it’s not all about pressure. There are three key specifications to consider while comparing pressure washers. Pressure is stated in Pounds per Square Inch, or PSI. The amount of water delivered is also important, and is given in Gallons Per Minute, or GPM. Gallons per minute is important because a washer that delivers twice the water at the same pressure, is doing twice the work.

To make it easy to compare models, look at their cleaning units, sometimes expressed as cleaning power or similar terms. Cleaning Units, or CU, is the PSI multiplied by the GPM. The cleaning units specification makes it a little easier to compare models with similar PSI and GPM specifications.

Four Models to Choose From

The Westinghouse line of gas powered pressure washers includes four models that deliver water at pressures of 2300, 2500, 2700 and 3000 PSI. Water flow rates are at 2.3, 2.3, 2.2 and 2.4 gallons per minute respectively. All carry a three-year, limited consumer warranty and meet EPA standards for air quality. The WP2300, WP2500 and WP3000 models are California Air Resource Board (CARB) compliant and available for shipment to California residents.


The ergonomic wand on the WP2300 and WP2500 include with 25 feet of high pressure braided hose, while the WP2700 amd WP3000 have 30 feet of professional grade, high pressure hose. All the units feature lightweight construction, plastic siphon hoses for cleaning solutions, and assorted spray tips for various applications. Hose connections are quick and easily accessible for fast and easy setup. All the models include a water screen kit, oil and replacement o-rings.

Engines and Pumps

Westinghouse 3000 psi Gas Pressure Washer

Westinghouse 3000 psi Gas Pressure Washer Powered by 196cc Kohler, 4 cycle engine

The WP2300 and WP2500 have  axial cam pumps powered by 160cc, Westinghouse OHV engines. The WP2700 and WP3000 use Kohler OHV 173cc and 196cc engines to power  Axial piston pumps made by Annovi Reverberri. The engines on all four models are 4-cycle motors that provide plenty of power and fast, easy starting.

Cleaning Nozzles

Cleaning nozzles convert the water delivered by the pump into a spray pattern for various purposes. A soap injection nozzle has a wide angle spray that mixes soap and water, and spreads soapy water on the surface you intend to clean at a lower pressure. A cleaning nozzle has a narrow spray to power the dirt off and rinse the soap away.

Cleaning nozzles have a variety of spray angles for different purposes. The 40-degree nozzle included with all Westinghouse gas pressure washers is for general purpose cleaning on most surfaces. Concentrated nozzles like the 25-degree are better for removing tough stains and dirt, paint and oil. The 15-degree nozzle (WP2700 and WP3000 only) concentrates more water in a narrow area similar to the 25-degree nozzle. Use the zero-degree nozzle to dig dirt out of driveway or sidewalk joints and cracks, clean patio bricks and any kind of compacted dirt.     Easy-to-Start Instructions