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News Updates/Announcements

Update to the 2010 Hurricane Prediction Report

As published by USA Today, a “Fierce Hurricane Season” is being predicted. The article written by Doyle Rice reiterates earlier reports that the 2010 Hurricane Season is expected to be … Continue reading

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2010 Hurricane Prediction Report

Wednesday, April 7, 2010 the Colorado State University’s Department of Atmospheric Science released their forecast prediction for the 2010 Atlantic Seasonal Hurricane Season. According to the findings we should expect … Continue reading

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Back to Basics

Time to get back to basics… I’ve been selling generators for a long time now and sometimes I have to remind myself that not everyone calling in wants a long … Continue reading

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Information Updates/Announcements

Generator Maintenance

I cannot stress how important maintenance for your generator can be… especially if your generator has been in service. This 2009-2010 winter has presented several areas with some very long … Continue reading

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Information News

Industry Talk

For me looking at a specification sheet and understanding the statistics is second nature… after all I’ve been factory trained.  But for the average consumer reading about generators, things can … Continue reading

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News Updates/Announcements

Generac Power Systems RV News

Sometimes for inspiration we’ll conduct internet searches to gather ideas about what to write or share next…we stumbled across this article and my first though is why isn’t this news … Continue reading

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