Summer is right around the corner and with it comes some of Mother Nature’s most violent weather. Tropical cyclones, tornadoes, and strong thunderstorms are fueled by warm, humid air and can cause extensive damage over large areas. Power outages are a more than an inconvenience and often cause other problems such as flooding and food spoilage. Every year, power outages affect tens of thousands of people and their homes, and extended outages are becoming more common.

We’ve come to rely on electrical power to not only make our lives easier and more convenient, but to keep ourselves and our property safe. A standby generator for backup power is becoming the next must-have appliance to keep homes and families safe and secure.

The 5875 Warehouse Blowout Sale at Norwall Power Systems is the perfect time to safeguard your home and family from power outages and take advantage of savings at the same time. Supplies are limited however, and this sale won’t last forever.

Generac 5875 20kW Generator and Nexus Smart Switch

The 5875 is a standby generator and automatic transfer switch package. The Generac Guardian  produces up to 20 kilowatts of continuous power, enough for most homes to keep essentials like air conditioning, furnaces, sump and well pumps, and refrigerators and freezers operating through an extended power outage. The 200 amp, service-entrance-rated Nexus Smart Switch switch works in conjunction with the generator’s Nexus Controller to automatically provide standby power during an outage.

Within seconds after utility power is interrupted, the automatic transfer switch moves the home’s electrical system onto standby generator power until electric utility service is restored. The Smart Switch incorporates power management for up to two air conditioners and with the addition of Demand Load Management Modules, it can handle up to four additional high-voltage loads with its load-shedding controller.

The Nexus Controller continuously monitors and adjusts engine speed and voltage to ensure utility-quality power, even when operating under a heavy load.

Fully Automatic

The Guardian Generator and Nexus Smart Switch are designed to operate automatically, even if you are not home. The generator’s Nexus Controller will sense a power outage immediately and wait ten seconds to ensure the outage is not momentary. After ten seconds, it starts the generator and then signals the Smart Switch switch to make the move from utility power to standby generator power.

After the electric utility restores power, the transfer switch moves the home back onto utility power and the controller runs the generator for another minute to help it cool down, then shuts it off.

Extended Outages

The Generac 5875 runs on either LP gas (propane) or natural gas for operation during extended outages. It connects directly to the home’s gas supply lines, making refueling the generator every few hours a thing of the past.

The engine was designed by Generac specifically to meet the tough demands and environmental conditions placed on a generator. It has a electronic ignition for efficient and reliable operation, and an extended maintenance interval of 200 hours to keep it operating during long-term outages. The pressurized lubrication system is similar to that used in automobiles for years of trouble free use.

Ready to Ship

Norwall has 5875 generator packages in stock and ready to ship within two days. Now is the time to buy, before summer storms arrive and leave your home without power. Installing an emergency standby generator requires planning, time, and the services of a qualified electrician. Start your summer planning now and never go without power again.