On October 27, 2009 President Obama announced a “$3.4 billion investment to spur transition to a Smart Energy Grid”.  I’m sure this announcement was wonderful news for those who live in areas prone to power outages.  I myself thought “great, now I’m out of work selling generators”, but then I read the article further.  “The implementation of smart grid technologies could reduce electricity use by more than 4 percent by 2030″.

Huh?  2030? That seems like a lifetime away from 2009.  What is going to be involved in the transition period from the current electrical grid to the new smart energy grid?

What’s more is that the success of this new, smart energy grid will, at least in part, rely on people coming to understand the way that they use energy in a more community-minded light, in which energy is a shared resource.  This coming of age could likewise be a while before it really takes hold.

I am applauding the White House for moving toward positive action to update our system however, after considering the effort and time it will take to change over, I decided that the business of selling generators is probably not in jeopardy.  Providing a backup system for your home or office still makes just as much sense in having the added knowledge that your property, family, and business are protected.

Use this link to read the entire article about the Smart Energy Grid.