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Snow falling in a North American neighborhood.

With the holiday season approaching and Black Friday only a week away, most people are thinking about time off from work to spend with family and friends or shopping for exactly the right gift for that special someone. Meanwhile, winter is waiting just around the corner with storms that bring snow and ice and subfreezing temperatures. The snow has already started in parts of the country.

Imagine your house full of family and friends as you prepare the holiday feast. The main entrée in the oven and the tantalizing odors from the kitchen have everyone eagerly anticipating dinner. The weather cooperated thus far, and everyone was able to make it without any trouble.

And the power goes out. The house goes dark and for ten seconds there’s a hush as everyone stops talking. Then the conversation changes to the sudden and unexpected outage and someone speculates about finishing the roast or turkey outside on the gas grill.

The quiet, barely audible hum of your Kohler Standby Generator starts and a few seconds later the lights come on. You might wonder how long the power company will take to restore power on a holiday, but you won’t worry about it. If necessary, your standby generator will run for weeks to keep the house warm and comfortable and provide all the power you need to keep your family and home safe.

Buyer’s Guide: What Size Generator do You Need?

Kohler Air-Cooled Standby Generators

Kohler 14 to 20 Kilowatt Standby Generator

A Kohler 14 – 20 Kilowatt Standby Generator can Supply Backup Power to Your Entire Home

Many small to midsized homes don’t need more than 18 to 20 kilowatts of power. In fact, most of the time their power usage is 10 kilowatts or less. The biggest exception to that is during the summer when air conditioners work all day to keep the house cool. Power usage goes up and in many cases a standby generator with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) equipped with power management system will keep everything running just fine.

Smaller homes may never exceed 10 to 12 kilowatts, even in the summer.

The correct size generator is important to ensure that everything you need has electrical power. Sump pumps, freezer and refrigerator, gas stove, and of course the television to keep track of the weather or watch the big game. Add some reserve for future power needs too.

Managed Backup Power for Large or Medium-Sized Homes

Kohler 20RESCL—20kW Standby Generator with 200-Amp SE Rated Automatic Transfer Switch

Kohler 14RESAL—14kW Standby Generator with 200-Amp SE Rated Automatic Transfer Switch

Power selected circuits with a 20kW + 100-Amp Load-Center ATS or 14kW + 100-Amp-Load Center.

Selected Circuits or Essential Power for Smaller-Sized Homes

Kohler 12RESVL—12kW Standby Generator with 100-Amp 12-Space Load-Center ATS

Kohler 8RSVEL—8kW Standby Generator with 100-Amp 12-Space Load-Center ATS

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Kohler Liquid-Cooled Standby Generators

Kohler - Generator Power Systems

A Kohler 24 to 60-kilowatt liquid cooled standby generator can supply large and luxury homes or estates

Large or Luxury homes and Estates need more power than an air-cooled machine can handle. Kohler liquid-cooled backup generators for home can produce up to three times the power and as a plus, they operate a lower RPM which means even less noise than most air-cooled generators. Automatic Transfer Switches are not included with Kohler liquid-cooled generators.

Full Power for Large Homes and Estates

Kohler 24RCL—24-kilowatt Standby Generator

Kohler 30RCL—30-kilowatt Standby Generator

Kohler 38RCLB—38-kilowatt Standby Generator

Kohler 48RCLA—48-kilowatt Standby Generator

Kohler 60RCL—60-kilowatt Standby Generator

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Off Grid Backup Power Generators

Moving your home or cabin off the grid means you don’t worry very much about power outages. But when the wind dies to barely a breeze and the sun is shrouded by heavy clouds for days, off-grid power batteries run low. Too many deep discharges shorten the life of expensive batteries. Living off the grid presents challenges that most people don’t understand, but worrying about the state of your batteries shouldn’t be one of them

Home operating on alternative renewable energy including the EcoGen 7034 Standby Generator

Kohler Variable Speed DC Generators Backup Solar and Wind Energy Systems

Norwall PowerSystems offers four, 6-kilowatt variable-speed direct current generators that sense low battery levels and operate automatically to maintain the batteries when your solar and wind energy sources are unable to keep up with demand.

Kohler 6VSG-QS16—24-Volt, 6-kilowatt DC Generator

Kohler 6VSG-QS15—36-Volt, 6-kilowatt DC Generator

Kohler 6VSG-QS14—48-Volt, 6-kilowatt DC Generator

Kohler 6VSG-QS13—48-Volt, 6-kilowatt DC Generator with oil make up kit

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