Guardian Home Standby Generator Installed Outside a Home

Guardian Home Generators are quiet and install just 18-inches from the home

The most popular home generator nationwide, the Generac Standby Generator is the most powerful air-cooled home standby generator available. Guardian comes with a 5-Year limited warranty on parts, labor, and travel. Extend the Generac Warranty  for a full 10 years of coverage on parts, labor, and travel.

on your new Generac Standby Generator covers parts*, labor, and travel for ten years. Plus, the first year of maintenance by your installer or participating dealer is FREE. That’s a $1,395.00 value.

Generac Home Standby Generators

Generac Guardian Generator

Generac Guardian Home Generators protect your home and family during power outages.

When utility power is interrupted, your Generac electric generator instantly detects the outage. Within seconds, the engine starts and signals the Automatic Transfer Switch. The ATS disconnects the utility lines and moves your home onto generator power. It’s all automatic. No power cords. No dragging the portable out in a rainstorm and working with extension cords in the rain. It runs on your home’s gas supply, so there’s no fuel to fill every few hours.

More families buy Generac Home Generators than any other model. Their home standby generators are designed and built in the USA heartland where they maintain a 24/7 customer service center. Generac home stand by generators were the first with an engine designed specifically to handle the tough operating requirements of a home generator.

The Overhead Valve Industrial (OHVI) engine uses a pressurized lubrication system to keep all the parts immersed in oil at any angle. A low oil shutdown prevents engine damage if the system runs low. Dual element air filters protect the engine from dirt and extend service intervals. Cast-iron plateau-honed cylinder walls promote head dissipation. Plasma-filled moly rings reduce oil consumption.

Home Generators In-Stock and Ready to Ship

Norwall stocks Generac Home Standby in warehouses across the country and we generally ship our stock direct from our warehouses in 1–2 days.

Generac Home Standby Generator model 7032 supplying power during an outage.

A Generac Home Generator Keeps the Power On During an Outage

Got a big house and a couple of air conditioners? We’ve got the biggest, most efficient air-cooled home standby generator on the market ready to ship. The 22-kilowatt model 70432 Guardian Home Standby comes with a 200-amp, indoor/outdoor service-entrance rated ATS and a composite pad that sits directly on the soil. It’s NFPA certified to install just 18-inches from your home (check local codes) and runs on your home’s natural gas or LP Liquid Propane gas supply—and it uses less fuel than competing 20-kilowatt Generators.

Smaller house with lower power requirements? The 13-kilowatt model 7175 and 16-kilowatt model 70371 have all the same features as the 7043 and a qualified purchase during the promotion gets you the same 10-year extended warranty and 1-year maintenance offer.

The Generac Home Standby Generators are quiet at just 63-67dB(A). They fit into the landscape much like a central air conditioner, but make less noise than an A/C unit (68-70dB(A) while running under full load.

Guardian Home Standby Generator Installed Outside a Home

Guardian Home Generators are quiet and install just 18-inches from the home

Your peace of mind while at home or away is ensured with Generac’s Free Mobile Link Remote Monitoring. Access your generator’s controller from any smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop PC. Receive alerts via text or email, connect to your local service dealer to schedule maintenance, and even get updates on the local weather when you’re out of town.

A Generac Home Standby Generator gives you the peace of mind to know that your home and family are safe during power outages and bad weather. Call Norwall PowerSystems today and find out how a Generac Home Generator keeps your family and home safe.

*Engines and Automatic Transfer Switches are covered by a separate OEM Warranty.

Updated January 30, 2020