7 New Commercial Diesel Mobile Generators from 3000 to 47,000 Watts

A 3000-Watt CK-3SV2 installed beneath a Mercedes Sprinter Van
CK-3SVI 3000-Watt Diesel Mobile Generator Commercial Vehicle Installation

New to the Norwall Commercial Mobile Generator Catalog are the CK-Series Mobile Diesel Generators rated from 3000 watt to 47,000 watts.

New to the Norwall Commercial Mobile Generator Catalog are the Cummins Power Generation CK-Series Mobile Diesel Generators rated from 3000 watt to 47,000 watts. Rated for Prime Power applications, the new mobile generators have applications ranging from vans and motor coaches to trucks and commercial or emergency vehicles.

The low-profile Cummins 3000-watt CK-3SV2 has a single cylinder industrial diesel certified for CARB and EPA single cylinder engines. Originally designed for Mercedes, the diesel generator operates comfortably in any well-ventilated space below a vehicle. Air intake from the front passes through the aluminum radiator and exits from the bottom of the generator. Single side service allows convenience maintenance for oil and filter changes including an inline fuel filter, reusable screen oil filter, and a dry-type air cleaner. The generator incorporates a 12-volt starter motor and 40-Amp charging alternator.

Next in the new product line, the Cummins 15-kilowatt CK-15SiC is the first of six mobile generators rated for prime power with CARB and EPA Tier 4 Certifications. All six generators share similar feature including a critical exhaust silencer and a four-point mounting system to reduce noise and vibration while operating. At the upper end of the line is the 47-Kilowatt Cummins CK-50KSI-2

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Cummins Diesel Mobile Generator Features

Cummins 40-Kilowatt CK-40KSI-2 Diesel Commercial Mobile Generator
The Cummins Diesel Commerical Mobile Generator 40-Kilowatt CK-40KSI-2

Higher capacity mobile generator models all feature the same single side maintenance access as the 3000-watt, but use spin-on oil and fuel filters and dry-type air cleaners. The industrial duty Kubota engines operate at 1800 RPM for long life, less wear and tear, and lower noise. Cooling air intake beings at the bottom and exits through the aluminum radiator at unit’s end. Generator operation uses the advanced CK Power CKG electronic controller.

Other features include the commercial grade circuit breaker, 12VDC starting motor and 40-Amp battery charger, 12-volt fuel pump with fuel block, and safety shutdowns for high water temperature and low oil pressure. A powder-coated aluminum enclosure with sound attenuation reduces noise, protects critical generator components, and eliminates operator exposure to moving parts and high temperature surfaces.

All CK Mobile Generators include a 25-foot wiring harness and remote panel with a start-stop switch and hour meter. The Cummins CK Series mobile generators are backed by a 2-Year 2000-Hour warranty that covers everything except routine maintenance.

20-Kilowatt CK-20KSI-2 25-Kilowatt CK-25KSI-2 30-Kilowatt CK-30KSI-2 40-Kilowatt CK-40KSI-2

CK Series Mobile Generator Applications

Mobile generators encompass a wide range of applications that start with small commercial vans, motor coaches, trucks, buses, food trucks, semi-trucks, and emergency vehicles like ambulances and fire trucks. The CK Series fits any application that requires prime power on a mobile platform.

Prime Power is a primary source of electrical power. Generators rated for prime power are designed to operate continuously for long periods in places where no other power is available.

Many commercial applications use generators with capacity up to 12,000 watts. Other applications require more power. The Cummins CK Series delivers Prime Power up to 47-Kilowatts.

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