Guardian 16-Kilowatt to 22-Kilowatt Generators

As always, Norwall PowerSystems ships your home backup generator FREE of charge and includes FREE lift-gate service with every generator order and all purchases are tax-Free outside of Arizona.

Norwall stocks thousands of generators, ready to ship within days, at their warehouse locations throughout the United States. Generac Guardian is the most trusted home standby generator brand across the country. 7 out of 10 homeowners choose Generac Home Standby Generators to automatically provide electricity to their homes during power outages. Get the peace of mind a Generac home backup generator provides.

Highlighted Generac Features

Technicians work on a Generac Home Backup Generator

Generac Guardian Home Standby Generators Give Homeowners the Peace of Mind with Reliable Backup Power and All the Features They Need.

  • TruePower™ Technology means clean, noise-free power for your most sensitive electronics while starting your heaviest loads including multiple central air conditioners. Superior waveform and less than 5% harmonic distortion add up to utility quality power.
  • G-Force engines in all Generac Guardian generators are designed and built specifically to withstand the rigors of long run times in standby generators. The V-twin industrial overhead cam engines power through outages lasting days or weeks.
  • Solid-State Frequency Compensated Voltage Regulation—State-of-the-art regulation maximizes power with a fast response under changing load conditions while providing maximum motor starting capability. Digital voltage regulation to within ± 1%.
  • Rigorous Testing is at the heart of the Generac Guardian’s reliability starting with prototype testing, maximizing the motor starting ability, the NEMA MG1-22 evaluation, and system torsional testing.
  • Generac Guardian Home Backup Generators run on Natural Gas or Propane, are UL 2000 listed and meet National Fire Protection Association standards for installation 18-inches from your home (subject to building local codes.)
  • Mobile Remote Monitoring included with all Guardian backup generators. Check generator status and receive maintenance alerts. Connect to authorized service dealer for automatic and worry free maintenance.

Generac Guardian Features and Benefits

The Generac Promise

The Generac Promise: USA Engineered and Built, 24/7/365 USA-Based Customer Service Center, 5-Year Warranty, Mobile Link Remote Monitoring

22-Kilowatt Guardian Generators

Generac Standby Generator Providing Power during a Power Outage

A Generac Standby Generator Provides Power for Cooking, Lighting, and All Your Home Appliances

For whole house power in medium to large homes, the 22-Kilowatt Guardian 70432 is Generac’s nationwide best-selling home generator. No surprise because it uses fuel more efficiently than other home generators in its class, produces more electrical power than any other air-cooled home backup generator on the market, and it costs less per kilowatt than any competing home standby. The 70432 includes a 200-Amp Service Entrance Rated Automatic Transfer Switch for either indoor or outdoor installation.

For generator replacement or installation with a different Automatic Transfer Switch, the 22-Kilowatt Guardian 70422 ships without an ATS and still beats other generators with the lowest cost for the power produced.

Buyer Guide: How Much Power Do I Need?

20-Kilowatt Guardian Generators

A Generac Home Backup Generator

Generac Home Backup Generators Start and Run Automatically Within Seconds After the Outage Hits.

Also providing whole house power for medium to large homes, the 20-Kilowatt Guardian 70391 comes packed with the same features as other Guardian Generators and includes the 200-Amp Automatic Transfer Switch for reliable and automatic home backup power. 20-kilowatts of power supplies all the appliances and conveniences in most homes in addition to the lighting and two or more air conditioners.

The 20-Kilowatt Generac 70381 ships without an automatic transfer switch as a replacement generator or for installation other than the 200-Amp SE Rated Whole House ATS.

Installation Guide for Home Backup Generators

16-Kilowatt Guardian Generators

Generac Home Standby Generator model 7032 supplying power during an outage.

A Generac Home Generator Keeps the Power On During an Outage

A managed power option for large homes and whole house power for small to medium homes, the 16-kilowatt Guardian 70371 also includes the 200-Amp ATS for indoor or outdoor installation. Powers one or two air conditioners, lighting, and most appliances.

The 16-Kilowatt Generac  7178 comes with a 100-Amp, 16-Circuit Load Center Automatic Transfer Switch with space for up to 16 circuit breakers. Ideal for powering critical circuits during an outage.

Generac’s 16-Kilowatt Guardian 7176 ships without an ATS as a replacement generator or for use with a different automatic transfer switch.

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