Wednesday, April 7, 2010 the Colorado State University’s Department of Atmospheric Science released their forecast prediction for the 2010 Atlantic Seasonal Hurricane Season. According to the findings we should expect an “above-average” season. The report states the probability for a major hurricane making landfall in the United States and Caribbean is likely. Forecasts issued by Colorado State University are based on their interpretation of current and past climatology.

A statistical model is put together and reviewed. Using past knowledge of previous hurricane seasons, comparing other activity along with current oceanic and atmospheric conditions a forecast is then presented.  This is the ultimate process in making an educated guess, even after all of the scientific data has been assessed, compared and double-checked, this report is still only a prediction of what to expect.

Colorado State University is regarded as one of the foremost experts in these types of predictions. I place more emphasis on the data from Colorado State University than from other resources. Out of the 43 page report, the bit of information listed on page 3 is the most compelling.  Probability prediction of a major hurricane making landfall on a U.S. coastline 69%, on the east coastline including the Peninsula Florida 45%, the Gulf Coast from Florida westward to Brownsville 44%.

If you have ever been in area that experienced a hurricane you would realize that it can be scary and make you a little tentative about facing future seasonal storm activity. These reports can help arm you with information to plan for preparedness. You can Click Here to view the report in its entirety.