EcoGen Standby Generator System

EcoGen 6W Standby Generator for Off-Grid Use

The EcoGen was introduced by Generac Power Systems as the first standby generator designed specifically as a backup source of power for off grid alternative energy systems. Off grid systems generate power using solar panels, wind turbines, or both to charge a bank of batteries. Power from the batteries is converted to AC current using an inverter or is used directly by DC appliances and equipment. When the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine, energy production drops and batteries become depleted. A standby generator provides the necessary energy to recharge batteries.

PERC Incentives

The primary objective of the Propane & Education Research Council is to promote the use of energy efficient propane systems through research, education, and demonstration of propane technology. The Council has provided development incentives to manufacturers and purchase incentives to consumers, businesses, and construction professionals.

As part of their Propane Heat and Power Incentive Program, PERC is offering a 1500 dollar incentive to consumers, businesses, and construction professionals to purchase and install a premium generator set, including the EcoGen six-kilowatt Standby Generator.

EcoGen Standby Generators

Generac introduced the EcoGen as the first standby generator designed and manufactured specifically for use with off-grid alternative energy systems. Most standby generators are sold specifically for use where utility power is available and in use on the property. Many manufacturers void the warranty when their standby generators are used in off-grid applications, but the EcoGen carries a three-year, 2000-hour limited consumer warranty.

With off-grid applications in mind, Generac extended the oil change service period from 200 hours to 500 hours, making the EcoGen one of the few standby units suitable for use in remote locations. Applications include both residential and commercial use for telecommunications, remote lodging, farms and ranches, railroads, parks, and any installation using an alternative energy system that requires a backup to keep batteries charged.

The EcoGen uses propane to power its air-cooled 500cc OHVI engine, designed specifically for use in a standby generator. The oil recovery and circulation system is exclusive to the EcoGen and virtually eliminates oil degradation, extending the maintenance period to five times the industry standard.

Off Grid Energy

EcoGen with Alternative Energy System

EcoGen with Alternative Energy System

Instead of receiving power from the national power grid, off grid systems generate their own power using a combination of solar panels and wind turbines to generate electricity and feed an inverter/charger which charges storage batteries. Power is converted to AC current by the inverter and supplied to the home, business, or facility through a service panel.

The EcoGen connects directly to the inverter. When storage battery levels near critical levels, the EcoGen starts and charges the batteries. Unlike other off-grid generators that supply DC current, it can also supply electrical power directly to the service panel. The generator is shipped from the factory as a 120-volt generator, but converts easily to a 240-volt generator with a new main breaker.

The EcoGen at Norwall

Norwall PowerSystems offers the EcoGen Standby Generator at more than 900 dollars off the suggested retail price, and with the incentive from the Propane & Education Research Council, buyers can save nearly 2500 dollars.

Available incentives are limited and an application is required. PERC suggests applying before the purchase and understanding the terms. Visit Build With Propane and follow enrollment the instructions. then call Norwall Power Systems for your new EcoGen Propane Standby Generator.