Kubota GL Lowboy II Series
The Kubota GL Lowboy II Series of Diesel Standby Generators

The new diesel Kubota GL Series generators comes to Norwall Power Systems. Generators are available for shipment direct from the factory in one to two days. The GL11000 and GL7000 are 120/240-volt single-phase generators capable of supplying either standby or prime power. They ship with a two-year, 2000-hour limited consumer warranty. The Lowboy II design saves space, and the efficient, vertical diesel engine saves the environment by passing the US EPA Tier 4 emission standards.

Diesel Power

The Kubota GL generators are powered by four-cycle, liquid-cooled, vertical diesel engines. The GL11000 uses a three cylinder, 16 horsepower diesel, while the GL 7000 incorporates a two-cylinder, 8 horsepower diesel. Both models have a 7.4 gallon fuel tank for 10 hours (GL11000) and 16 hours (GL11000) of half-load operation. The engines operate at a steady 3600 RPM to keep the AC frequency at 60 hertz.

Fuel consumption is directly dependent on the constantly changing electrical load. As the load changes, so does the fuel consumption.

The vertical engine design reduces engine wear and oil consumption. Low oil pressure and high coolant temperature shutdown are incorporated into the engine design.

Recommended fuel is standard no. 2 diesel.

Compact Lowboy Design

Kubota GL with Panels Removed
Compact Lowboy Design Compares to air-cooled generators

Kubota designed the GL series for efficient use of space and power. Both the cooling fan and the power generating unit (alternator) are direct driven, reducing losses through coupling mechanisms and drive belts, and eliminating the cost of drive belt maintenance. The GL1100 is comparable in size to air-cooled generators at 50 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 28 inches high. The GL7000 takes up even less space at just 42 inches wide, with the same depth and height as its big brother.

The compact design allows for a wide variety of uses and increases installation placement options.

Noise is slightly lower than most central air conditioners at 66dB to 68dB and was reduced through the use of a large capacity muffler, lowering the fan speed fan, using a longer air intake hose, and placement of the air intake port.

Electrical Output

The GL11000 is rated at 11 kilowatts of power as a standby unit, and 10 kilowatts when used for prime power. The GL7000 puts out 7000 watts of standby power, or 6000 watts of prime power.

Prime power is defined as the main supply of electrical supplyusually provided by an electric utility. Standby power is emergency backup power provided by a generator. In prime power applications, the Kubota GL11000 and GL7000 act as the main source of electric power.

The power generating unit, or alternator, incorporates a skewed stator and dampening coil. The skewed design reduces distortion while the dampening coil helps keep the output constant as current draw increases, even under short circuit conditions.

Electrical connections are made using the easy-to-access terminals or through the circuit breaker protected receptacles.

The GL11000 includes four receptacles: one standard 20-amp 120-volt GFCI and three locking receptaclesone 30-amp 120 volt; one 30-amp 240-volt; and one 50-amp 120/240 volt.

The GL7000 also has three locking receptaclesa 30-amp 120-volt, a 30-amp 240-volt, and a 30-amp 120/240-voltin addition to the 20-amp GFCI.

With different power connection options, an efficient and environmentally friendly diesel, and compact design, the Kubota GL series of generators has a wide variety of applications and is easily incorporated into any number of prime and standby power generation systems.